Dance: Valentine

8 October 2017

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14 November – 2 December @ The Blue Room Theatre ◆
By Kynan Hughes ◆

It’s an old story. There is far too little love in the world and everyone quenches their loneliness whichever way they can.

The innocent, the bully, the manipulator and the object of their desire; four flawed characters who struggle to find meaningful connection. All of them desperate to be loved and belong, aching for something from the others that can never be given.

The commedia dell’arte and its characters have influenced and shaped work throughout history, all the way down to the love triangle of today’s romantic comedy movies. From age-old ideas found in the commedia, Valentine forges a new narrative exploring loneliness and desire through dance, theatre, puppetry and mask play in a way that is deeply human.

Bringing together an extraordinary team of charismatic artists, with experience at Sydney Dance Company, Australian Dance Theatre, pvi collective, and Leigh Warren & Dancers, Valentine questions just how far we are prepared to go to fulfil our desires.

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