Perth Festival: The Far Side of the Moon

28 January 2018

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Theatre ∙
22-24 February @ The Heath Ledger Theatre ∙
Presented by: Robert Lepage/Ex Machina ∙

To see a show from Canada’s visionary director Robert Lepage is to experience pure theatrical magic.

His smash hit The Far Side of the Moon is a spellbinding, funny and technically exquisite exploration of both inner and outer space performed as a one-man show. Publicly the race to the moon is consuming Americans and Russians, while privately two estranged brothers are brought together by their mother’s death. Phillipe is a shy philosopher struggling with his thesis about the effect of space travel on popular culture. Andre is a successful TV weatherman and extrovert, who sees the galaxy’s mysteries more pragmatically.

This visually stunning production brings together compelling storytelling, ingenious effects and an atmospheric score from composer Laurie Anderson, and is performed by Yves Jacques.

Don’t miss your chance to experience a masterpiece from a theatrical magician.

More info: https://www.perthfestival.com.au/event/the-far-side-of-the-moon

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Maureen Levy

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