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23 June 2018

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Screening daily on the Perth Cultural Centre screen from 28 June ·

Matt is a very creative soul. As well as being a talented and successful musician, parkour is a practice he loves, and brings his passion and creativity to.

For many people, parkour evokes notions of risk, action and spectacle – nameless athletes risking it all on Youtube. Matt came to me with an idea for a short film, focusing on the camaraderie and meditative discipline of a movement practice. Community and connectedness are two focuses of my own practice, so I was excited to explore these ideas with Matt.

Days before we were scheduled to shoot, Matt’s heart was abruptly and entirely broken. The experience left his mind and body in some shifted state – a state of frustration he couldn’t stand, but couldn’t stand to resolve.

In our planning and storyboarding, Matt was to complete the wall jump at the end of the film. He had never done it before, but we were going to capture his first successful jump on camera. He had trained specifically for the jump, and knew he had the ability to do it. But he just couldn’t commit. His head was somewhere else, with someone else.

– Fionn Mulholland

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