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30 August 2018

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21 Sep to  9 November  @ Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery ·
Presented by Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery ·

21 September 1 – 2pm: Aboriginal photographies: Documenting Gibb River Station by Jane Lydon, Professor and Wesfarmers Chair of Australian History at UWA
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28 Sep 1 – 2.30pm:  Curator and artists in discussion: Reflections on the ARTEMIS Women’s Art Forum
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19 October 1-2 pm: Truth and Representation: Goddesses, mistresses and the tradtion of sixteenth century French portraiture by Jane Southwood, UWA Honorary Research Fellow
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26 October 1-2 pm: What is good and bad art? by Emeritus Professor Richard Read
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2 November 1-2 pm: Curator’s Talk and Tour by Vanessa Russ, Associate Director of the Berndt Museum, to learn about the forming of the exhibition and the stories depicted in the rich array of photographs, most of which were taken by her uncle Colin Russ on a box brownie.
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9 November 1-2 pm: Duchamp, computing, collaboration and friendship by Tom Picton-Warlow
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Pictured: Opening night, Stockyards and Saddles: A story of Gibb River Station, LWAG.

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