3 September 2018

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14-15 December @ Subiaco Arts Centre ·
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A saucy summer holiday at Lake Geneva turned rapidly into a gothic horror story as Frankenstein’s monster took his first ungainly steps onto the page. Mary Shelley sought to impress her literary idols with a grisly ghost story but, instead, introduced the world to its first and most enduring bogey man.

What possessed Mary Shelley to conceive of such a creature? To what extent did the men in her life provide a template? Are monsters born? Or are they created? Is there a monster inside us all?

Frankenstein’s monster has captivated the world for 200 years. He resides permanently in the darkest recesses of our minds and is frequently to be found on our televisions. He terrifies us, thrills us, and entertains us. His image sells everything from vodka to Nutella, and costume parties are not complete without his presence.

BRAINCHILD is audacious coming of age/creation story told with poignancy and sardonic wit. A gothic romp, stitched together with comedy, contemporary dance, charged with an eccentric performance and set to rollicking narration.

Created and performed by acclaimed dancer/ choreographer/actor/screenwriter Brian Carbee, with original music by Steve Richter.

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Pictured: Brian Carbee (left) & Steve Richter (right).

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Maureen Levy

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