Immersive Experience: Five Short Blasts

23 November 2018

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20 Feb – 3 March @ East Fremantle ·
Presented by Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey ·

As morning and evening breaks over the Port of Fremantle you’re invited to hop on a boat to encounter the sights and sounds of the area from the people who live and work there. Inspired by the maritime signal of five short blasts to indicate uncertainty, this journey takes audiences out on small quiet boats to listen, to navigate the unknown and to discover new ways of seeing.

Board at Zephyr Cafe, East Fremantle
5:45AM, 7:15AM & 6:45PM

A Perth Festival Commission

Created by Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey, Marie Taylor, Cassie Lynch, Bec Reid and the water communities of Fremantle

More info:

Pictured: Five Short Blasts , credit: Toni Wilkinson

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