Music: Deafheaven + Zeal & Ardor

16 November 2018

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22 February @ Chevron Gardens ·
Presented by Deafheaven + Zeal & Ardor ·

United by their sheer ferocity, Deafheaven and Zeal & Ardor join forces for a dynamite double bill. Where Deafheaven are poised on the edge of an emotional apocalypse, Zeal & Ardor blend African American spirituals, blues and black metal with a menacingly euphoric growl. With tortured shrieks and immersive guitar explosions, Deafheaven’s music is not made for the everyday. Emerging from a similar heavy rock kaleidoscope, Swiss-American Zeal & Ardor are the sound of satanic spirituals – dark, raging and intensely compelling. Do not miss this epic combination.

Gardens Stage | Calmly

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Pictured: Deafheaven, credit Corinne Shiavone

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Maureen Levy

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