Film: Finding Home #1

8 July 2019

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12 July @ YMCA HQ ·
Presented by a.f.batt ·

The theme of this showcase is Finding Home.

This showcase details the challenges our generation faces in finding their place in a rapidly advancing and globalized world. The works speak to the heart about family, home, and origin, while young filmmakers and creatives are traveling and exploring  their immediate and broader environments.

It has been incredibly inspirational and resonant working with the three of them. The program would be free of charge with gold coin donations, and all the proceeds from this showcase would be split equally between organizer (myself), and the three filmmakers.

The main focus of this showcase would be to build their portfolios as well as to  provide a space of sharing for their work.

Films Screened|
The Distance Between Us by Jeffrey Wu
?/? Letters to You by INNTYA

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