Visual Arts: In Conversation: Ashley Yihsin Chang and Yi-Chung Lo

25 September 2019

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5 October @ Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) ·
Presented by Ashley Yihsin Chang and Yi-Chung Lo ·

Installing Environment: Responding to Social, Industrial, & Economic Landscapes.

World economies and their impact on the cultures and landscapes we live in are progressively taking front and centre in news, current affairs, and especially the minds of artists. Yi-Chun Lo is a strong example – exploring these relationships and presenting her findings through depictions of exported raw materials and crops to better understand their role of economy in culture.

PICA is honoured to host Yi-Chun Lo as part of upcoming exhibition Unfolding Acts and as part of a pre-exhibition welcome, we join curator and artist for an in-depth discussion. Guest Curator Ashley Yihsin Chang will facilitate an in-conversation with Yi-Chun Lo to discuss research-based practice in producing installations that respond to the social,  industrial, and economic landscapes of specific geographies in this critical insight into “Installing Environment”

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Pictured: Yi-Chun Lo (羅懿君), Boycott of Market Basket, from Banana Justice – The Dramas of Global Trades and Riots (Banana Series), installation view, 2014.

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