Facebook ban: what you can do

18 February 2021

Facebook’s ban of Australian news content has affected a number of West Australian arts organisations… including Seesaw. Want to support us? Here’s how.

As you may be aware, Facebook has banned the sharing of Australian news content. Their justification for doing so is available here.

Like all other media outlets, Seesaw Magazine is affected by this ban.

While our posts are not appearing on Facebook, there are several ways you can stay up-to-date with new Seesaw reviews and features:

  • Head to the Seesaw homepage! You can browse all our latest reviews and features, or you can use the menus to search by article type or genre.
  • Sign up to our free online magazine, The Arts Playground, delivered to your inbox weekly during festival season and fortnightly at all other times.
  • Follow @seesawmag on our other social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

It’s not just media outlets that have been affected by this ban – it includes many organisations providing essential services, such as emergency services. Arts organisations have also been targeted, amongst them WA companies and organisations:

  • Black Swan State Theatre Company
  • The Blue Room Theatre
  • Chamber of Arts and Culture
  • CircuitWest
  • Co3 Contemporary Dance Australia
  • Fremantle Arts Centre
  • John Curtin Gallery
  • Perth Concert Hall
  • Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA)
  • Regional Arts WA
  • West Australian Ballet
  • West Australian Symphony Orchestra
  • WA Youth Jazz Orchestra
  • Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company

(This list is not exhaustive – if your organisation is affected please email hello@seesawmag.com.au to add your name)

To support these organisations please ensure you are following them on their other social media platforms, sign up to their newsletters, and head to their websites for their latest news.

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Author —
Nina Levy

Nina Levy has worked for over a decade as an arts writer and critic. She co-founded Seesaw and has been co-editing the platform since it went live in August 2017. Nina was co-editor of Dance Australia magazine from 2016 to 2019. Nina loves the swings because they take her closer to the sky.

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