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Interactive exhibition a blast for kids

13 December 2021

Seesaw’s junior reviewers Chloe and Jackson Davis marvel at the joys of colour in this new exhibition from the Fremantle Arts Centre.

“Hundreds and Thousands; an immersive kids’ colour adventure”, curated by Glenn Iseger-Pilkington and Emma Buswell ·
Fremantle Arts Centre until 23 January 2022 ·

By junior reviewers Chole Davis, age 6 and Jackson Davis, age 11 ·

We weren’t sure what to expect with this review or even how we were going to review it as it wasn’t a show but an art exhibition using colour mainly, and we hadn’t reviewed one of them before.

They had two types of rooms in this colourful exhibition, large main rooms and smaller colour-based rooms. One of these main rooms was the story room. Here you could make your own flowers and animals with tons of interactive stuff like shadow puppets. The other main room had lots of 3D effects using colour, and some video animations on the small screens.

All the other rooms were based around one colour: green, red, blue or yellow. Most used sound and you could interact with at least one or two of the artworks in some way in each room.

Two children hug life-size paper mache  animals in front of a wall covered in small bright dots
Rosie Deacon, interactive installation and kids’ workshops, for Pom Pom Children’s Contemporary Art Space 2017, Adelaide. Photo: Sam Roberts

In the green room, there was a lot of natural leaf and tree art, with wind sounds playing in the background. In blue there was a projector screen which tracks your hand and arm movements to create cool effects with light, like fireworks.

In the red room, artwork is projected onto the wall and floor, you are able to stand up against the wall and the artwork washes over you. If you are wearing white, like Chloe was, you almost disappear into the projection, it was very cool.

In yellow there was a long roll of paper where everyone could add their own drawings to create a huge mural.

Our favourite room was the story room, where all the interactive things were. Though the red room where Chloe got lost against the wall was the next best for us.

We would completely recommend for other kids to go and see this exhibition, we had a blast and it didn’t feel like we were there for an hour, it felt like 10mins!

Hundreds and Thousands” runs10am-5pm daily until 23 January 2022.

Pictured top: Kate Rohde, ‘Ornament Crimes’, 2015 mixed media dimensions variable, exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria in the Rigg Desig

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Junior Reviewer

At Seesaw we believe that shows designed for children should be reviewed by children. Our junior reviewers write an honest response, in their own words. Their contributions are a vital part of the arts playground.

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