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ALLSTARS – hey now, you’re an allstar!

19 January 2022

If you’ve ever considered selling your soul in exchange for fame and money, ALLSTARS is the Fringe World show for you.

Just Friends Theatre Company is a new, Perth-based theatre company made up of award-winning WAAPA graduates and friends Hannah Davidson, Rebecca Fingher, and Sian Murphy. The trio chat to Isabella Corbett about their new sketch comedy show Allstars

Allstars, an anti-love letter to Perth that follows three performers’ quests to stardom, complete with dancing, singing, murder, and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Isabella Corbett: Welcome to the Festival Sessions, everyone! For Seesaw Mag readers who don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about yourselves and your work?

A photo of ALLSTARS trio writers. Pictured is three girls, each with her chin resting on the head of someone below her
Sian Murphy, Bec Fingher and Hannah Davidson write an anti-love letter to Perth in ‘Allstars’. Photo: Tim Green

Sian Murphy, Bec Fingher & Hannah Davidson: Just Friends Theatre Company is an emerging theatre company full of people who are… just friends! It’s made up of artists Sian Murphy (BITE ME, Love Letters to the Revolution), Bec Fingher (What Of It?), and Hannah Davidson (Star Power).

We graduated from WAAPA’s Performance Making course in 2019 and we always really enjoyed working together but haven’t had the opportunity to do it again. So, this year we’ve merged our little creative brains into one big, big brain to make some hot new work and have fun while we do it.

IC: Tell us about the work you are performing at Fringe World 2022: Allstars.

SM, BF & HD: For Allstars we’re working with independent theatre powerhouse, Charlotte Otton, to create an absurdly hilarious sketch comedy show all about fame. Let’s be real; we all want to be famous and filthy rich, and we’re ready to sell our souls to make it happen. There’s this thing about fame that we find hilarious and soul-crushing at the same time, and it makes for some great moments in the show.

Imagine multi-media, live stream projection, and an abundance of gags, as we steamroll through sketches about breaking up with Perth, to murdering a best friend to get a death scene just right for the camera. It’s a ‘take no prisoners’, risky, energetic, and powerful show. You can expect dancing, singing and Sacha Baron Cohen. Just kidding, he won’t be there… or will he?

IC: What inspired you to make and perform in this work?

SM, BF & HD: We want to laugh with you, Perth! While we’re all familiar with comedy in a wide range of ways, we’ll be experimenting with sketches in this one, as well as drawing on various comedic elements and our combined experiences within comedy and theatre.

The last two years have been hectic and full of downs, ups, and then more downs. We thought that now was the time to get together and just have a giggle. Nothing too serious or too political — just some good, old-fashioned comedy made by a group of people who love to make other people laugh.

IC: What makes Allstars different to all the other shows on offer at Fringe?

SM, BF & HD: We’re all releasing our egos out onto the town for the night, and you’re invited to invest in that dream you’ve always had to get famous, go viral, and make it big. We’re all stars, baby! Also, our hero image is terrifying. You can come and guess who is who!

IC: What do you hope audiences will take away from your show?

SM, BF & HD: An engaging, entertaining night out, that is paired perfectly with a couple of beverages, friends, and lovers. Also — the meaning of life.

IC: Take us behind the scenes of Allstars— what happens backstage?

SM, BF & HD: Look, we’ll be honest: a lot of it is just us trying crazy ideas and laughing at ourselves. There was one time where Bec made a parkour video in 15 minutes and presented it to us — perfectly edited. Concerning stuff.

IC: Tell us about your creative process.

SM, BF & HD: With Allstars we’ve approached most of our content development from guided improvisations and collaborative writing sessions. We’re consistently tweaking our work to find the most enjoyment in every sketch and to keep it fresh for each other. You could say our process is the same one that Marie Kondo follows: “does it spark joy?”

IC: Aside from your show, what are you looking forward to seeing at Fringe World 2022?

Impro Musical BangTown!, The Big HOO-HAA!, and Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot That It Grows.

IC: What’s next for you after Fringe World 2022?

SM, BF & HD: Keep your eyes peeled and follow us on Instagram — something will be coming later in 2022 and you won’t want to miss it!

IC: What is your favourite part of the playground?

SM, BF & HD: Ooh! The one where you sit inside a circle thingy, and someone spins the small circle plate in the middle and then the whole machine starts spinning and you get so dizzy you could almost throw up!

Or the swings. The swings are cool too.

Allstars plays the State Theatre Centre as part of Fringe World, 24 – 29 January 2022.

Sian Murphy, Bec Fingher and Hannah Davidson are Just Friends Theatre Company. Photo: Tim Green

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Emerging writer Isabella Corbett is a postgraduate journalism student at Curtin University. After completing a Bachelor of Design (Fine Arts) at UWA, she quickly realised that she preferred tip-tapping away on a keyboard writing about other people’s art and hasn’t picked up a piece of charcoal since. At the playground, you’ll find her trying to fly higher than the person next to her on the swings.

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