• Reading time • 10 minutesVisual Art
  • A man with a moustache and curly hair stares out to the distance. He is wearing a dark jacket over a white buttoned-up shirt. The ocean and a dark sky are behind him. Silver lining behind dark clouds

    Silver lining behind dark clouds

    13 September 2023

    What if you only had memories to guide you? Breaksea artistic director Matt Ward invites us to ponder the power of human connection.

    Reading time • 9 minutesMulti-arts
  • A big yellow bear wearing a red top waves to the camera. A man is standing behind him. This is Winnie the Pooh the musical. Pooh’s far from your average bear

    Pooh’s far from your average bear

    21 August 2023

    Beloved the world over, Winnie the Pooh is now a musical star. Julie Hosking ventures into the Hundred Acre Wood to find out more.

    Reading time • 10 minutesMusical Theatre
  • A painting of Karijini depicts an expanse of sandy landscape against rust red rock. Capturing the colour of Karijini

    Capturing the colour of Karijini

    9 August 2023

    From the plunging depths of the gorges to the rich colours of the rocks, the intense palette and texture of Karijini’s landscape inspired Jane Coffey’s latest exhibition.

    Reading time • 10 minutesVisual Art
  • A choir stand underneath a large round, ornate window, looking over a crowded audience. This is UWA Choral Society. Giving voice to magical moments

    Giving voice to magical moments

    7 August 2023

    As one of Australia’s oldest choirs prepares for a special concert, conductor Kristin Bowtell reflects on the power of choral music. 

    Reading time • 10 minutesMusic
  • An elegant red-haired woman in a patterned dress stands outside, trees behind her. She has her arms open wide, long sleeves falling like wings either side, her head tilted to the sky. This is singer Jessie Gordon. Fifty shades of jazz

    Fifty shades of jazz

    3 August 2023

    Perth Jazz Society is celebrating a major milestone with a stellar lineup at this year’s Lyric Lane Jazz Festival. Julie Hosking gets the lowdown from co-curator Jess Herbert. 

    Reading time • 10 minutesMusic
  • A painting of a woman wearing a crown. Her hair is curly and glows pink as though a light is shining on it. Perth’s own cultured cosmopolitan
    What to SEE

    Perth’s own cultured cosmopolitan

    26 July 2023

    From cult street fashion to a Barbie-inspired ballet, West Australian designer Deborah McKendrick has always been driven by a desire to experiment. Her latest venture into painting and portraiture is no exception, discovers Nina Levy

    Reading time • 10 minutesVisual Art
  • A sharply dressed man stands in front of a recessed grey wall. He is wearing a silver blazer over a black t-shirt holds a beautiful viola. This is Australian String Quartet violist Christopher Cartlidge Playing with real treasures

    Playing with real treasures

    17 July 2023

    When he was studying viola at university, Christopher Cartlidge used to busk for beer money. Now the musician travels the country (and the world) playing a rare beauty with Australia’s premier string quartet. 

    Reading time • 9 minutesMusic

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