• A man in a suite talks in front of media microphones $76 million for the arts

    $76 million for the arts

    6 August 2020

    The state government’s announcement of an arts sector funding package brings welcome relief to an industry decimated by COVID-19. Rosalind Appleby reports.

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    Reading time • 5 minutesMulti-arts
  • Breaking through isolation

    Breaking through isolation

    5 August 2020

    WA’s lockdown meant physical isolation, but the subsequent plethora of online performances and activities has allowed many to engage in arts experiences that might otherwise be out of reach. Claire Trolio reflects on the doors that have been opened by the pandemic.

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  • black and white image of a man with a beard and arms oustretched Film fest couched by COVID

    Film fest couched by COVID

    29 June 2020

    Couched Online Fest provides a glimmer of light for film lovers as the Revelation Perth International Film Festival is postponed until December.

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    Reading time • 6 minutesFilm
  • A boy playing the piano reading from a tablet Kids in COVID

    Kids in COVID

    24 June 2020

    Let’s hear from the kids! Seesaw’s junior reviewers share their experience of lockdown, and how engaging with the arts helped them through.

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    Reading time • 8 minutesMusic
  • six wind musicians performing on a darkened stage Orchestral comeback

    Orchestral comeback

    16 June 2020

    After a disastrous start to the year the West Australian Symphony Orchestra is returning to the stage, albeit without an audience. Rosalind Appleby discovers how the orchestra has fared through the COVID-19 crisis.

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  • A soprano with arms outstretched singing next to a pianist Live music at last

    Live music at last

    4 June 2020

    Hooray, a concert! Sandra Bowdler is thrilled to be entertained, wined and dined with real people, as Kidogo Arthouse’s Candlelit Soirees commence.

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    Reading time • 4 minutesMusic
  • a crowd of thousands watch a band playing on the back of a truck Festival to drive recovery

    Festival to drive recovery

    3 June 2020

    Record-breaking 2020 Perth Festival raises hopes for a path out of the COVID-19 downturn. Rosalind Appleby reports.

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    Reading time • 5 minutesPerth Festival
  • A man drawing at a desk, with a cat on his shoulder Tainted love

    Tainted love

    25 May 2020

    In this instalment of ‘A day in the life’ we hear from visual artist Andrew Nicholls who finds much to love in his intensely productive COVID-enforced lockdown.

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    Reading time • 9 minutesVisual Art
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