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  • Lachlann Lawton as Ben, in The Telephone. A behind the scenes shot of 'The Telephone', featuring Lachlann Lawton, as Ben. He wears a white chef's hat and is adding a layer to what appears to be a precariously balanced wedding cake, surrounded by tiny wooden figurines. Far from a rotary phone

    Far from a rotary phone

    7 July 2020

    While its characters aren’t communicating clearly, West Australian Opera’s exciting digital offering, The Telephone, is saying plenty. Ara Jansen gets dialling.

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  • Stepping into the spotlight?

    Stepping into the spotlight?

    27 May 2020

    The performing arts sector has been devastated by the pandemic shutdowns… but recovery could provide a window of opportunity for local independent artists. Nina Levy investigates.

    Reading time • 10 minutesPerth Festival

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio