Juan Carlos Osma as Prince Desiré and Alexa Tuzil as Princess Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty. Photo by Bradbury Photography copy A female ballerina in an elaborate tutu is held by a male ballet dancer. He clasps her around her waist and her legs are both airborne, one bents and one extended vertically.Her torso angles downwards, so that her shape is a graceful arc. Too many soft centres in chocolate box ballet

Too many soft centres in chocolate box ballet

22 November 2021

If you have a sweet tooth when it comes to ballet then Javier Torres’s Sleeping Beauty should satisfy, says Kim Balfour. But if you’re looking for reinvention rather than convention, you won’t find it here.

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Photo: Stephen Heath A group of dancers are moving in a pyramid formation, legs in a wide, bent stance, mid movement. They are dressed in deep blue with flared blue and yellow skirts and are lit against a pinky-red cyc. The human touch

The human touch

9 June 2021

From dystopia to salvation, LINK Dance Company’s latest double bill brings together two responses to the loss of connection experienced by artists and audiences over the last year, writes Kim Balfour.

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Dayana Hardy Acuna as Giselle, Oscar Valdes as Albrecht with the dancers of West Australian Ballet in Giselle (2021). Photo by Bradbury Photography In the white tutu of the a Wili, Dayana Hardy Acuna holds an arabesque en pointe, leaning on the shoulder of Oscar Valdes who kneels in front of her. To their right is a line of white tutu clad Wilis. Romantic tale transcends the centuries

Romantic tale transcends the centuries

14 May 2021

West Australian Ballet’s 2021 season of Giselle demonstrates that this 180 year old ballet still has the capacity to touch audience’s hearts, says Kim Balfour.

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Floeur Alder performing Djiba. Photo: Michael Juliff Floeur Alder stands, her arms outstretched, her head tilted to the sky. A moment of tranquility

A moment of tranquility

10 March 2021

Playful and meditative, Floeur Alder’s solo work Djilba (Spring): A moment in time leaves the viewer immersed in the tranquility of its bush setting, writes Kim Balfour.

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WA Ballet Passion under the stars

Passion under the stars

16 February 2021

On opening night of ‘As One: Ballet at the Quarry’ the audience was transported by West Australian Ballet’s emotional expression and technical prowess, Kim Balfour says.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio