The power to engage

The power to engage

22 November 2019

Ahead of the opening of the Perth Festival Lotterywest Films season, Mark Naglazas chatted to Perth Festival film programmer Tom Vincent to get the lowdown on…

Reading time • 6 minutesFilm
Artists take aim at canon

Artists take aim at canon

23 July 2019

Perth artists Gabby Loo and Steven James Finch will be exploring a new approach to the Western canon of art and culture at this weekend’s Disrupted: Festival…

Reading time • 10 minutesFestival
Shelagh Magadza, Andrew Haggar, Business News chief executive Mark Pownall and Ben Elton. Photo: Gabriel Oliviera Mixing the moguls and the maestros

Mixing the moguls and the maestros

12 June 2019

Business and arts leaders pose creative ways to boost WA culture and the economy but Mark Naglazas finds it is a fraught path to success. The arts and…

Reading time • 6 minutes
Mila and Ursula Martinez Mila and Ursula Martinez on the family couch. Unforgettable


9 February 2019

Perth Festival review: Ursula Martinez, A Family Outing– 20 Years On · State Theatre Centre Studio Underground, February 8 · Review by Mark Naglazas · When the…

Reading time • 4 minutesTheatre
Charlotte MacInnes,Liam Wigney,Luke Wilson, Sara Reed and Axel Duffy in Kate, Gus and The Other Kids. Cast of Kate, Gus and The Other Kids Love in bloom but passion a little lacking

Love in bloom but passion a little lacking

1 February 2019

Fringe World review: Kate, Gus and The Other Kids · Subiaco Theatre Centre, January 31 · Persephone Productions, Savitri · The Cheeky Sparrow, January 31 · Review by…

Reading time • 5 minutesFringe World Festival

Cleaver Street Studio

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