A Night of Persian Jazz
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Music: Kohesia Presents: A Night of Persian Jazz

30 Jan & 10 Feb @ The Sewing Room ·
Presented by Kate Pass ·

Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble are excited to be playing at Fringe World Festival 2019.

Journey with Kohesia Ensemble and experience the evocative sounds of Persian music played in a unique jazz style. Led by double bassist Kate Pass, the Kohesia Ensemble serves as a platform for Kate’s original compositions, which are influenced by her passion for both jazz and Persian music.

Kohesia Ensemble explores unusual time structures and microtonal melodies for a captivating listening experience. Since being nominated for a Music Award for their 2017 Fringe World show, Kohesia Ensemble are excited to be back presenting a night of original music that will transport you to another place.

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W: www.fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/kohesia-presents-a-night-of-persian-jazz-fw2019
E:  kate@katepass.com

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