Wilarra, Mulyatingki Marney & Maywokka May Chapman, 2017. Photo: courtesy of Martumili Artists.
April 18, Calendar, February 18, March 18

Visual arts: Pujiman + Learn Me exhibition

17 February – 28 April @ Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery ·
Presented by FORM ·

Pujiman is a collaboration featuring artworks from the senior pujiman (desert born) and young emerging artists of Martumili Artists and Spinifex Hill Artists. The senior pujiman artists are the last desert born people of their generation, and in this exhibition they have shared their knowledge, stories and techniques with the younger artists to ensure the continuation of the oldest living culture on earth.

Learn Me is the debut solo exhibition of Pilbara-based artist Ruth Leigh, who has captured the artists she has worked with during her four years in the region. It is rare to have an exhibition which showcases the artists of another exhibition, and even rarer to have both shows running concurrently in one gallery.

More info: www.courthousegallery.com.au
Email:  mail@courthousegallery.com.au

Pictured: Wilarra, Mulyatingki Marney & Maywokka May Chapman, 2017. Photo: courtesy of Martumili Artists.

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Calendar, Dance, February 18, Performing arts

Fringe World: Tableau/Tablao

Tableau/Tablao15-17 February @ 7.30 @ Burt Hall at Cathedral Square ∙
Presented by: St George’s Dance and Theatre ∙

Tableau/Tablao is Sofia Pratt’s second show for FRINGE WORLD, following on from 2017’s Loco, which won the WA Dance and Physical Theatre award. Tableau/Tablao is a kaleidoscopic collage of contemporary flamenco dance and ancient rhythm, chasing the oneness of art and life, inside and out, reality and unreality. Sound. Sweat. Passion. Poetry. Featuring fine art photography by Songy Knox.

Sofia Pratt is the director of Danza Viva.

More info: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/tableau-tablao-fw2018

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Cathedral Cabaret: St George's Cathedral
Cabaret, Calendar, February 18, Performing arts

Fringe World: Cathedral Cabaret

15 – 16 February @ 7pm @ St George’s Cathedral ∙
Presented by: St George’s Dance and Theatre ∙

Sold Out Shows – 2015, 2016 and 2017

For two nights only, Perth’s Gothic heritage-listed Cathedral is transformed into a magical haven of celebration.Bring your friends to a den lit with candlelight and the talent of international performers.

This year we’re offering Limited VIP tickets to compliment the night with canapes and drinks by Halford.

More info: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/cathedral-cabaret-fw2018

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Kimsooja: Zone of Nowhere
April 18, Calendar, February 18, Installation, March 18, Visual arts

Visual Arts: Zone of Nowhere

Opening Night: 16 Feb 6.30-8.30pm ∙
Exhibition continues: 17 Feb – 25 April @ PICA ∙
Presented by: Kimsooja ∙

Zone of Nowhere will be the first Australian solo exhibition by internationally acclaimed, South Korean-born multimedia artist Kimsooja.

For more than 30 years Kimsooja has dedicated her site-specific works to cultural and political issues facing our world. Kimsooja is perhaps best-known for her use of bottari – the traditional Korean bedcover used to wrap and protect personal belongings – as a symbol of structure and connection.

Heavily influenced by Buddhism, Zen, Confucianism and the age-old role of the artist as shaman, she creates lyrical installations that draw inspiration from everyday activities. The result is a practice that brings together the physical and the metaphysical. The exhibition will feature a new large-scale installation created especially for PICA’s vast central gallery space as well as an associated public art project on the streets of Perth.
Presented in association with Perth Festival

More info: http://pica.org.au/show/zone-of-nowhere/

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Odette: Marina Margarita
Calendar, Comedy, February 18, Performing arts

Fringe World: Odette!

3-4 & 6-11 Feb @ The Noodle Society @ Belgian Palace ∙
Presented by: Marina Margarita ∙

Marina’s command over our comedy pleasure-zones is both instantaneous and continuous. I really don’t have any choice but to award her top marks!” ★★★★★ Mumble Comedy, 2017

Did someone say Fame? Fortune? Romance with a big time TV Star?
Odette, the cleaning lady everybody loves to love, won’t let the chains of her unborn baby hold her back – oh no! She’ll float on the soap opera bubbles of American daytime TV show ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’. She’ll shake her booty to win the heart of coke-sipping, immaculately coiffed super star Ridge. She’ll show the world she’s Simply the Best!
Join Marina Margarita, graduate of the Ecole Philippe Gaulier, in her hilarious clown-inspired character comedy.

“Very cringey – in a good way. I can’t fault it!”, Scratch That Hackney, 2016

More info: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/odette-fw2018

Email: actor.marinamargarita@gmail.com


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Gillian English: Giant & Angry
Calendar, Comedy, February 18, Performing arts

Fringe World: Giant & Angry

3-25 February @ The Palace Society @ Belgian Palace & The Game Sports Bar ∙
Presented by: Gillian English ∙

Gillian has always been tall. She’s been called sasquatch, bigfoot, & giant. Gillian has always been angry. She’s been told she’s aggressive, combative, and a bitter shrew. Gillian doesn’t give sh*t anymore; she’s giant and angry for a reason!

Coming from a family of men where rage blackouts were a common occurrence, being angry isn’t so much a problem, as a family tradition. “Giant & Angry” will delve into one woman’s curious relationship with her father, and his insistence that one day, she’ll probably have to kill him. A brand new show from one of comedy’s most entertaining rising stars!

More info: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/giant-angry-fw2018

Pictured: Gillian English by Dahlia Katz


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Gallery as Residency
Calendar, February 18

Visual Arts: Gallery as Residency- Closing Night

23 February @ Paper Mountain, William Street Northbridge ∙
Presented by: Alira Callaghan ∙

The closing night of the Gallery as Residency project by Alira Callaghan will be held at Paper Mountain on the 23rd February at 6pm following two weeks of open-to-the-public creative development having occurred within the gallery space.

Details of the project:

Gallery as Residency is a new exhibition by Alira Callaghan at Paper Mountain that investigates the gallery as a site for creativity. Callaghan will make and exhibit work during the exhibition, transforming the Paper Mountain exhibition space into a dynamic performance space and collaborating with visiting gallery patrons. Taking the concept of the artist residency as a starting point, this performance work unpacks how art is made while creating an experience between participants and the gallery space itself.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/162048141079687/

Pictured:  Detail of artist residency, 2017.

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Danger Cabaret, El Bizarro
Cabaret, Calendar, Circus, February 18, Performing arts

Fringe World: El Bizarro

14-18 Feb & and 21-25 Feb @ The Gold Digger at Fringe Central ∙
Presented by: Danger Cabaret ∙

WA’s finest freaks; Ringmaster Magnus Danger Magnus, sexy & shocking sideshow duo Circus Carnis, and burlesque bon vivant Vivian Marlowe all return with brand new, jaw-dropping acts for 2018. They are joined by a cavalcade of weird and delightful special guests, including burlesque danger-babe Jacqueline Furey (QLD – last 5 shows), international sideshow royalty Damien Kenny (CAN – first 5 shows), sultry burlesque superstar Vesper White (VIC – first 5 shows), the Queen of Weimar punk kabarett Bernie Dieter (as seen in La Soiree and East End Cabaret – UK – last 5 shows) and reigning Mr Boylesque Australia champ, Karl Kayoss (WA – all shows).

Snap up your tickets quickly folks, because this will sell out!
“Expect to laugh, cheer and have your jaw plummet…a no-holds-barred circus spectacular.” The West Australian
“Sexy and shocking in equal mix…hands down one of the best you will see at Fringe World.” The Perth Project
“Properly bizarre…if you see one sideshow this Perth Fringe, make it El Bizarro.” ★★★★☆ The Music
“A rollicking ride through the greatest elements of the darkest side of sideshow, circus and cabaret…eye candy for the dark soul.” ★★★★☆ Xpress
“A gritty tribute to the power of performance.” The Perth Project
“You’ve got to see it to believe it.” Rotunda Media

More info: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/el-bizarro-glamour-danger-freaks-fw2018

Email: jasmine@dangercabaret.com

Photo: John Marshall

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Screen Space Kimsooja
April 18, Calendar, February 18, March 18, May 18, Visual arts

Visual Arts: Screen Space – Kimsooja

10 February – 21 May @ The Art Gallery of WA ∙
Presented by: AGWA ∙

This major piece in the Gallery’s collection, Sewing into Walking, by the Korean artist twins with her solo presentation at the Perth Institute for Contemporary Arts for the Perth International Arts Festival. The mid-1990s multi-media installation extends reflects her long term interest in the use of fabric, with its traces of the human body and the political realms we live and struggle within.

More info: http://www.artgallery.wa.gov.au/exhibitions/screen-space-kimsooja.asp

More info: admin@artgallery.wa.gov.au

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Cabaret, Calendar, February 18, Performing arts

Fringe World: ICONIC – A Brief History of Drag

16-25 February @ De Parel Spiegeltent in the Pleasure Garden ∙
Presented by: IAN STROUGHAIR ∙

Join IAN STROUGHAIR, the man behind the makeup of the sensational VELMA CELLI, as he takes us on a passionate pilgrimage through the most iconic drag moments of film, stage and popular culture.

Following sell-out performances in the UK, ICONIC – A Brief History of Drag, comes to Fringe World 2018 for 10 nights only at De Parel Spiegeltent in the Pleasure Garden from February 16 – 25. A wonderfully witty colourful cabaret comprising a collective mix of the music that we all know and love, Velma’s flawless vocals will have you moving from crying with laughter to broken-hearted at the drop of a very stylish hat.

More info: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/iconic-a-brief-history-of-drag-fw2018

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