Boorna Waanginy
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Visual Arts: Boorna Waanginy – The Trees Speak

8 – 11 February @ Kings Park ·
Presented by Nigel Jamieson, Richard Walley, Zoe Atkinson and
Sohan Ariel Hayes ·

Let’s celebrate this land we share.

Over four extraordinary nights Kings Park is magically transformed into a cathedral of light, sound and imagery in which the trees come to life.

State of the art technology and the natural world come together for this spectacular walkthrough experience – where great flocks of birds fly overhead and animals dance and play. The event culminates with a light installation dedicated to the protection of the beautiful part of the world we live in – made in collaboration with thousands of young people across WA.

Created in association with the Noongar community, scientists and botanists, Boorna Waanginy explores the inter-connectedness of all life, the fragile beauty of South West Australia’s landscape and the threats it now faces.

Friday 8 Feb – Monday 11 Feb 8pm-11pm
Last entry at 10.30pm

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Pictured: Boorna Waanginy, credit: Rachael Barrett


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Boy wearing headphones, crouching next to chair.
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The time we became snake/humans

Awesome Festival review: Sidepony Productions, Audioplay: The Turners ·
State Library of WA, 2 October ·
Review by Varnya Bromilow ·

There were four sets of headphones on the couch. Each was attached to a tantalising looking player that we were not to touch… a temptation too great for any boy under 12. No matter – soon enough idle fingers were distracted by a series of easy to understand instructions from our host. We were to become characters in a story; we were to respond to the narrative piped through said headphones; we were to try and keep up with the story… but most of all, we were to have fun.

The Turners is an audio play based on a series of children’s books by Mick Elliott. Like the books, the audio play centres around two main characters, Leo and Abbie, a sibling duo who have uncovered a plot to transform humankind into human/snake hybrids.

The show is the creation of Side Pony Productions, a local theatre company that supports the work of director Zoe Pepper. Pepper creates an impressive variety of work, in theatre, participatory gaming and film for adults and children. In The Turners she has produced a neat package of perfect children’s entertainment. 17 minutes long, participants are thrust into the story, using a few key props to enact the storyline as it unfolds through the headphones. The action is fast-paced and requires some quick thinking in order to keep up with the narrative, but the kids I witnessed enjoying the show easily kept pace. One of the beauties of the show lies in its collaborative nature – the kids must work as a team to keep the story rolling along and by the end, there’s a true sense of accomplishment. But don’t just take it from me…

Junior reviewer 1 – Cass Runyon, aged 9
This show was great! It was a lot like a really cool video game or movie but much better because you were inside it. The headphones were cool and it was really fun doing all the stuff that they talked about in the story. It was a bit like being in a Choose Your Own Adventure story but they chose it for you. At the end they wanted to know what we thought and we had to put stars on a page. I had to put my star off the page because this show was off the charts!!!

Rating: 13/10

Junior reviewer 2 – Veronica Bromilow, age 11
I really enjoyed this show and I do not like all shows. I liked being part of the action and acting everything out. I got to play Abbie, who is one of the main characters and my brother played Leo, who is Abbie’s brother! We wore headphones and they gave us instructions through the headphones. What we didn’t realise was that the instructions were different, depending on which headphones you had! It was so cool. I would definitely do it again and I would like to get the app if my Mum lets me.

Rating: 10/10

Audioplay: The Turners plays the State Library of WA until October 7.

Photo: David Collins.

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Audio Theatre: @lantis: A Science Fiction Radio Play Series

21,22,29,30 August ·
6,7,12,13,19,20,26,27 September ·
3,4 October @ Nexus Theatre, Murdoch University ·
Presented by  Thought Jar Productions ·

Join us at Nexus Theatre for a journey into the not too distant future, as we follow the exploits of a team of researchers living in @lantis, a domed super-structure under the ocean.

Episode One: Fish Out of Water. 21 & 22 August
Episode Two: Data Protection. 29 & 30 August
Episode Three: Timeshare. 6 & 7 September
Episode Four: A Dark World. 12 & 13 September
Episode Five: Year of the Long Tail. 19 & 20 September
Episode Six: Good Night, and Good Lug. 26 & 27 September
Episode Seven: It’s a Wonderful Mind. 3 & 4 October

Written and directed by Stephen B. Platt as part of his PhD research examining Science Fiction in live performance, this radio play contains seven episodes, performed by an exceptionally talented cast.

Tickets are now available for episode one, or act fast and get a season pass of all seven shows for only $35! THAT’S ONLY $5 PER SHOW! But get in quick, because once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Get your tickets here:

More info

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