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Take a long, hard laugh at yourself

If you’ve ever been in a relationship or looked after a child then you should relate to The Motherhood’s ‘Surviving the circus’, a local comedy playing in Fremantle this February as part of Fringe World.

But who are the women behind The Motherhood? Seesaw found out.

The Motherhood
The Motherhood: Our favourite playground equipment is a slide because we’re all about enjoying the ride of life.

Seesaw: What is The Motherhood?
The Motherhood: We are Emma Krause (Mum of twins), Simone Springer (Burlesque Babe), Lucy Ewing (the silly Mum) and Jodie Lawrence as ‘Pony’ (the Fifo wife), four passionate women who are not only stand-up comedians but also mums, small business owners, authors, teachers, wives, friends and daughters.

We’re a group of mums who are real. We all screw things up on a regular basis, no matter how hard we try. We share our stories of parenting failures and these remind our audiences to have a long, hard laugh at themselves.

S: Career highlight so far?
TM: Our greatest career highlight is being named Best Newcomers in Laugh Resort’s 2017 Doustie awards.

Individually, we have had great success in the national RAW comedy competition and two members of our group were asked to perform at the most recent Mental Health Comedy Gala held at the State Theatre – ‘I Stand Up – For Mental Health’.

S: What do you love most about what you do?
TM: We love stand-up comedy and we love performing with each other for audiences that understand us. We also love being a voice for mothers to help them laugh at their own failures.

S: Tell us about your 2018 Fringe show, Surviving the circus
TM: Surviving the circus is a relatable, honest, self-deprecating comedy event for anyone who has ever been in a relationship or looked after a child. It will leave audiences feeling better about their own lives. This show isn’t just for mums. It’s a good excuse to have a night out with friends or to go on a date night with your partner.

S: Are you new to Fringe World?
TM: Yes. We decided to be involved this year because we feel our group is gathering momentum – female audiences are responding to our honesty and humour. Our previous shows have sold out with audiences giving 5 * reviews. Fringe World is a great way for us to promote The Motherhood and broaden our audience.

S: Aside from your show, what are you looking forward to seeing/doing at Fringe?
TM: We are honoured to be performing alongside some of Australia’s most talented comedians. Many of our Perth comedian friends also have Fringe World shows this year and we are very keen to check out as many of these as we can.

S: What is your favourite playground equipment?
TM: Our favourite playground equipment is a slide because we’re all about enjoying the ride of life.

‘Surviving the circus’ plays the Sail and Anchor, Fremantle, February 23 & 24.

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Pictured top: The Motherhood. Photo: Yvonne Fletcher Photography.

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