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Music: End of Semester Fundraiser

23 July @ Campus Perth Rooftop ·
Presented by A.F. BATT ·

Founder’s Note:
The event is titled The Evening By the Beach in light of all the milestones throughout my time on earth.. Light refreshments in support of Pretzel Perth will be provided. In commemoration of the things I fell in and out of in Perth, A place where I discovered unbecoming and becoming. Family and Friends invited xoxo Thanks for being part of my journey in big and small ways.
Secret Venue TBC
50% of the proceeds would go to VSA Singapore.
Launched in September 1993 by Singapore’s Ambassador-at-Large and VSA Patron, Professor Tommy Koh, Very Special Arts Singapore is a local charity organisation dedicated to providing opportunities for people with disabilities to be involved  in the arts. For the past 24 years, VSA Singapore has been running successful art  programmes, workshops, competitions and art exhibitions for the special needs community, creating awareness among members of the public of their immense talent and resilience. 50% would go to Polkadot + Moonbeam WA Perth.

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