Jazzmeia Horn
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Music: Jazzmeia Horn

1 March @ Perth Concert Hall ·
Presented by Jazzmeia Horn ·

Vocalist extraordinaire Jazzmeia Horn has a name that
speaks for itself. With her stunning vocals and vibrant
onstage presence, she has quickly become a young star
worthy of a place alongside the best headlining jazz
vocalists of today.

Since winning the Thelonious Monk Competition in 2015,
she has gone from triumph to triumph with her debut album
earning a Grammy Award nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Album
in 2018.

Drawing on her love for iconic singers of the 1950s and ’60s
like Nina Simone and Sarah Vaughan, Horn has created a sound
that is all her own, exhibiting an expressive range, inspired
scatting and a vivacity that is infectious.

This Festival concert features jazz, soul and gospel classics
performed with a swinging beat and a taste of neo-soul by an
artist hailed as the future of jazz.

With a name that’s easy to remember and talent that’s impossible
to forget, Jazzmeia Horn is the real deal.

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Pictured: Jazzmeia Horn, credit: Jacob Blickenstaff

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