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Music: The Augmented Piano

15 May @ Subiaco Arts Centre ·
Presented by TURA ·

The Augmented Piano is an immersive, multi-layered event combining music, film, and electronics. Works by Gordon Monahan and Chiyoko Szlavnics reimagine the instrument, stretching the limits of how a piano can produce sound, while works by Nicole Lizée and Ann Southam bring in visual elements to augment the piano. Breathtaking explorations of the inside and outside of the piano, of overtone resonances, and the melding and bending of electronic tones coax the instrument into a new realm, inviting an entirely new perspective on sound and listening.

Subiaco Arts Centre is at 180 Hamersley Road, Subiaco.

More info
W: https://www.tura.com.au/tura-program/the-augmented-piano/
E:  info@tura.com.au

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