Bare a Pop Opera
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Musical Theatre: Bare: A Pop Opera

22 – 25 November @ Nexus Theatre ·
Presented by Hand in Hand Theatre Company ·

Being performed in Perth WA, ‘Bare: A Pop Opera’ will be showing from the 22nd to the 25th November 2018 in Nexus Theatre. Claire Mosel-Crossley brings her fantastic and professional directional skills to the piece as Krispin Maesalu beautifully guides the musical direction of the show. With a talented and local cast and crew, Bare: A Pop Opera promises to be exciting, powerful, relatable and beautiful.

Bare: A Pop Opera tells the story of a forbidden love story between Jason and Peter. The show highlights the struggles and relationships of a group of Catholic High School students exploring sexuality, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy.

This production is for mature audiences, age 15 +

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