Re-Member Me
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Theatre: Re-member Me

27 Feb – 3 Mar @ Studio Underground ·
Presented by Dickie Beau ·

When award-winning lip synch maestro Dickie Beau realised he might
never play The Dane, he decided to turn himself into a human Hamlet
mix-tape. Channelling audio recordings of great historical performances
of theatre’s most famous role, he created a humorous and haunting solo
show to ‘re-member’ the ghosts of Hamlets past.

Along the way, he stumbled upon the story of one especially masterful
Hamlet; one that left an indelible mark on all who saw it but one can
never be ‘re-membered’ – because no recording exists, except in the
memories of those who were there.

Featuring original interviews with theatre legends such as Sir Ian McKellen
and Sir John Gielgud, as well as exclusive finds from behind the scenes,
Re-Member Me is part documentary theatre, part 21st century séance and
the unforgettable story behind the greatest Hamlet almost never seen.

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Pictured: Re-member Me, credit: Sarah Lewis



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Pictured: Re-member Me, credit: Sarah Lewis


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