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Dylan done medium rare

Smart and sassy, Monique diMattina and Rebecca Barnard have juggled music and motherhood to bring you comedy cabaret act Dao of Dylan. How did they do it? Seesaw found out…

“Most of what we know though we learnt getting our hearts broken and sticky taping them together again with Dylan lyrics, Billie Holiday tracks and triple cream brie.” – Rebecca Barnard & Monique diMattina

Seesaw: Did you do formal training, learn on-the-job, or a bit of both? 
Monique diMattina and Rebecca Barnard: We have each done about a million gigs. Monique has a fancy master of music degree and lived/studied in NYC with people like Bjork and Lou Reed. Rebecca was born into Aussie jazz royalty and had pop/rock stardom with her band Rebecca’s Empire. Most of what we know though we learnt getting our hearts broken and sticky taping them together again with Dylan lyrics, Billie Holiday tracks and triple cream brie.

S: Describe your artistic practice…
MdM & RB: They say Stravinsky demanded complete silence from his wife and four children at the dinner table – lest they interrupt any brilliant/creative thought process he might be spawning.

This isn’t really how we roll.

We are both mothers, and there is not a lot of unitasking in our work day. Lyrics/ideas are scribbled on the shopping list under ‘Toothpaste – Peppa Pig’, or dictated into the iPhone while ferrying kids from A to B. We put the Dao of Dylan show together exclusively during school hours, and each rehearsal averages five cups of builders’ tea. Strong, with milk. Snacks are (mostly) healthy and free flowing, as is the gossip/therapeutic sharing. We would normally play/sing/do actual work about 20 minutes per three hour call, and when we get down to it that shit flows like honey. This process works for us and we’ve never had any complaints from the neighbors.

We are musically very simpatico, both bringing a song writer’s sensibility to jazz/rock roots, and both able to make the other pee her pants laughing.

Dao of Dylan
Barnard & diMattina: “‘Dao of Dylan’ is a tongue in cheek idolization of the musical path of Bob Dylan.

S: Career highlight?
MdM & RB:  Touring the Dao of Dylan show of course! We have so much fun musically and personally, it almost makes all the JetStar hidden fees and charges worthwhile.

S: Career lowlight?
MdM & RB:  Jetstar hidden fees and charges.

S: Funniest career moment so far?
MdM & RB: Mon’s electric piano actually caught on fire on stage once. Funnier now…

S: What do you love most about what you do?
MdM & RB: Connecting with other music lovers around Australia and the world – there’s a lot of alienation and loneliness out there, but when we play a show and feel the love in the room, all of us connected by the power of a song – it’s magic.

S: Tell us about your 2018 Fringe show!
MdM & RB: It’s a two-woman show called Dao of Dylan – we both sing, Mon plays piano and ukulele and Rebecca plays guitar. The ‘Dao’ means the ‘Way’ – so it’s a tongue in cheek idolization of the musical path of Bob Dylan – done medium rare in a jazz/roots/blues/funk jus – alongside gags and tall tales about Dylan and us and life and the universe and everything.

S: What made you decide to give Fringe World a whirl?
MdM & RB: Being offered the beautiful space we are playing – Downstairs at the Maj, with a majestic grand piano – grand pianos make our bums look small. Er.

S: Aside from your show, what are you looking forward to doing at Fringe?
MdM & RB: Having a holiday from the kids.

S: What is your favourite playground equipment?
MdM & RB: The answer my friend, is blowin in the wind 🙂

‘Dao of Dylan’ plays Ace’s Cabaret, Downstairs at the Maj, 13-17 February.

Top: Monique diMattina and Rebecca Barnard in ‘Dao of Dylan’.

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Fringeworld: What Doesn’t Kill You [blah blah] Stronger

13 – 17 February @ Downstairs At The Maj •
Presented by Holland St Productions & Ace’s Cabaret •

A wickedly funny new cabaret featuring bizarre and extraordinary tales of survival from all over the world.

A river guide gets swallowed by a hippopotamus…and survives.

A British stewardess makes it through not one, not two, but three shipwrecks, including the maiden voyage of the ill-fated Titanic.

An Alabama housewife gets hit by a meteorite, and lives to tell the tale!

These true stories, and more, make up WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU [blah blah] STRONGER, a love letter to misfortune, and a tribute to those unlucky (or lucky?) souls who managed to escape it.

Featuring local performers Erin Hutchinson and Tyler Jacob Jones, with musician Joshua Haines playing a vibrant original score by composer Robert Woods, WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU [blah blah] STRONGER is a unique, hilarious Fringe experience not to be missed.

Presented by Holland St Productions, the team behind Fringe favourites Dr Felicity Rickshaw’s Celebrity Sex Party (720 ABC Theatre Award – WA Winner), Point & Shoot (Martin Sims Award 2014, Artrage Theatre Award 2014, Sydney Fringe Musical Theatre & Cabaret Award 2014, Brighton Fringe Argus Archangel Award 2015) and Falling to the Top (Artrage Theatre Award 2013 – WA Winner), as well as newly created musical Summer Of Our Lives (Malcolm Robertson Foundation Award Winner – Black Swan Emerging Writers Group 2017).

More info: www.ptt.wa.gov.au/venues/his-majestys-theatre/whats-on/what-doesnt-kill-you-blah-blah-stronger
Email: holland.st.productions@gmail.com

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Fringe World: The Maj Gala

27 Jan, 6pm and 8pm @ His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth •

You’re invited to the launch gala of His Majesty’s Theatre dynamic FRINGE WORLD program. We’ll present a sampling of acts from across the season, including:

– winner of Sweden’s Got Talent, Charlie Caper, who is in Perth to perform ‘Minor Miracles’ with Malin Nilsson. This show was winner of last year’s Adelaide Fringe Best Magic Award
– Girls Gone Rockin’ with their smoking hot band
– We’ve Only Just Begun: The Music of the Carpenters
– More to be announced!

Date: Saturday 27 January
Times: 6pm and 8pm (two performances)
Duration: 60 minutes
Venue: Ace’s Cabaret – Downstairs at The Maj
Ticket prices: $30, $25 for groups of 6+

More info: http://hismajfringe.com
Email: hotticketpr@gmail.com

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