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Theatre: 4x4x4

19 Jan – 17 Feb @ The Actors’ Hub, East Perth ·
Presented by the Actors’ Hub ·

A team of actors is testing its mettle four nights a week over the next month by performing a different show each night. In 4x4x4, the same team from The Actors’ Hub will perform four separate 60-minute shows during Fringe World – four nights, four shows, across four weeks.

Director Amanda Crewes described it as an amazing challenge for the actors.

Implied Consent gives a 360-degree perspective on what people believe consent is, giving an often harrowing exploration as to how they imply it. “The challenge was creating a piece that is both entertaining and truthful to the devastating impact this issue has on us culturally,” Crewes said.

In L’Appel Du Vide, the actors use physical theatre and Jacques Lacoq basel masks to explore different stages of life and how the relationships we form, and connections we yearn for, are impacted by things we think we want. Crewes described it as otherworldly and a rare opportunity to see basel masks being used in Perth theatre. “The story is told through movement only so we spent a lot of time making sure the physical storytelling was clear,” she said.

The Les Darcy Show is a high octane, action-packed piece featuring dancing and fighting set in the early 1900s, focusing on the short but incredibly full life of the Australian boxing legend. Called the Maitland Terror, Darcy won 52 of his 56 fights and was crowned middleweight champion of the world – all before his tragic end in 1917 at the tender age of 21. “The actors have had to master Irish dances and physical boxing,” Crewes said. “They have to throw a punch – and a good one at that! “It has rich and gritty Aussie, Irish and American characters and, at its core, it’s a celebration.”

Steve Irwin and Dame Edna Everage are brought to life in An Evening with… as they explore the question: who is the ultimate Australian? In a style reminiscent of Have You Been Paying Attention?, both characters battle it out as they talk sex, politics and religion. “We wanted to honour these characters everyone knows so well while saying something about divisive thinking,” Crewes said.

4x4x4 plays 7.30pm January 19 to February 17 with Implied Consent on
January 19, 25, February 2, 10 & 14; L’Appel Du Vide on January 20 & 26,
February 1, 7 & 17; An Evening with.. on January 24, February 3, 8 & 16
and The Les Darcy Show on January 27, 31, February 9 & 15.

Book at: https://www.fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/4x4x4-fw2019
Please note: the plays feature occasional coarse language, sexual
and drug references and violence.

The Actors’ Hub is at 129 Kensington Street, East Perth.

More info:

Pictured: Glenn Wallis, centre, tries to find shelter from life in L’Appel Du Vide.

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Romeo and Juliet
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Theatre: Shakespeare gender swap for Romeo and Juliet

28 Nov – 1 Dec @ The Actors’ Hub ·
Presented by the Actors’ Hub ·

One of Shakespeare’s most popular and well-known plays will soon come
alive at The Actors’ Hub – with a twist.

Directed by Amanda Crewes, Romeo and Juliet is regarded as the most famous
lovestory in English literary history. “Romeo and Juliet explores the theme of
love, so I wanted to look at the text in terms of what’s still often considered
forbidden love today,” Crewes said. “That brought me to our current,
very cloudy view on same sex relationships. I wanted to determine whether
changing the gender changed our view on this love story.”

In this version, there are two casts with Romeo and Juliet played by women one
night, followed by men the next. “We want to honour what it universally means
to be in love and explore the dangers of extremist views,” Crewes said.

She said this interpretation of Romeo and Juliet offered a whole new perspective
but was also grounded in an existing awareness. “We know this story, we know
how it ends, we know what the lessons are and yet when presented with the
situation today we still, more often than not, withhold our tolerance and
forbearance,” Crewes said. “This is an issue we need to start talking about
because stories of forbidden love are still ending in death.”

Romeo and Juliet plays 7pm November 28, 29, 30 and December 1.
Tickets are $30, $25 concession – book at www.trybooking.com/ZHQW

The Actors’ Hub is at 129 Kensington Street, East Perth.

More info:

Pictured: Love under watch in Romeo and Juliet, featuring Jared Stephenson,
Stephanie Bedford, Tia Rose and Quintus Olsthoorn.

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Rats' Tales
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Theatre: Rats’ Tales

21 – 24 November @ The Actors’ Hub ·
Presented by The Actors’ Hub ·

A hugely entertaining, dark and magical cycle of folk tales from around the world
is taking centre stage at The Actors’ Hub this November.

Written by Carol Ann Duffy and adapted by Melly Still, Rats’ Tales deliciously
confronts the dark side of the imagination which makes the tales all the more

“It’s supposedly the case that you’re never more than 10 feet away from a rat,”
director Amanda Crewes said. “With Rats’ Tales, you’re certainly never far from a fiendish plot twist, a thrilling metaphor or a dazzling feat of theatrical invention.”

The latest production comes in the wake of Crewes previously directing Duffy’s
Grimm Tales, dramatised by Tim Supple.

“These productions are so much fun – great ensemble pieces,” she said. “They
challenge the actor’s ability to create and imbue character. The stories are so fun for the audience, too, and they allow a director to really step into their imagination.”

The main challenge, according to Crewes, is trying to re-create the magic the
stories bring to the imagination for stage.“It requires strong characterisations and is physically demanding,” she said. “They’re vivid characters and the actors have to push themselves both vocally and physically with their choices.From an audience perspective, it’s exciting to see an actor transform into different characters – they love that sort of thing and wonder ‘How did they do that?’ It’s wonderfully creative with the actors on stage the entire time. The show is good old-fashioned fun and pure entertainment, as the actors embody these larger-than-life characters.”

Rats’ Tales plays at 7pm on 21, 22, 23 November and 2pm and 7pm on 24 November.
Tickets are $30, $25 concession – book at www.trybooking.com/ZCDG
The Actors’ Hub is at 129 Kensington Street, East Perth.

More info:

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