Humphrey Bower as Prospero. Photo Daniel J Grant Prospero kneels at the front of the sand covered stage, his staff raised and his head upturned. In the background we can see other characters from the play. Terrific team tackles The Tempest

Terrific team tackles The Tempest

25 November 2021

David Zampatti is no fan of The Tempest. Is Black Swan’s “by popular demand” production going to change his mind?

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The cast of 'The Tempest' in action. Centre is Mararo Wangai. Photo: Daniel J Grant. What to SEE: The Tempest
What to SEE

What to SEE: The Tempest

3 November 2021

Black Swan State Theatre Company is inviting audience members into the dream-like world of Shakespeare’s Tempest, promising an experience from which you won’t want to wake. Nina Levy spoke to director Matt Edgerton to find out more.

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Andrea Gibbs. Animal Farm. image credit Daniel J Grant A projection of a huge sign dominates the stage. It is a political style poster with the words

Fiery take makes Animal Farm great

8 October 2021

Ridiculous Twitter accounts, hyperbolic slogans, fake news… Black Swan’s take on Orwell’s classic satirical work is both relevant and powerful, and Claire Trolio is here for it.

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Animal Farm greenscreen rehearsal-2061.  Actor Megan Wilding image credit Daniel J Grant A woman sits at a desk, wearing a hat that looks like a rooster's comb and a feather bower over street clothes. She holds a mobile phone to her face as though taking a selfie. On the desk we can see a bottle of water, a small toy pig, a bottle of hand sanitiser, and what looks like a script. What to SEE: Animal Farm

What to SEE: Animal Farm

21 September 2021

It’s Orwell, but not as you know it. That’s what Black Swan State Theatre Company is promising audiences in Van Badham’s take on his seminal novella Animal Farm. Cast member Andrea Gibbs tells Nina Levy all about it.

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Actor Luke Hewitt in Every Brilliant Thing image credit Marg Bertling A man stands in the centre of a yellow circular stage, one arm raised as though he is declaring something. Around the stage audience members watch on. Bearing repetition brilliantly

Bearing repetition brilliantly

27 August 2021

Enjoying a new production of a show just as much as you did the original is a Brilliant Thing, writes David Zampatti.

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'Every Beautiful Thing' with Luke Hewitt, Black Swan State Theatre Company. Photo: Philip Gostelow Luke Hewitt, a middle-aged man wearing a collared shirt, holds a half-eaten chocolate ice cream. He looks very happy! The bright side of life

The bright side of life

4 August 2021

Ice cream, skinny dipping, laughing so hard you shoot milk out your nose… Every Brilliant Thing is a play about all the things that are worth living for. Ahead of the show’s Perth season, Nina Levy spoke to performer Luke Hewitt (with a cameo from director Adam Mitchell) to find out more.

Reading time • 9 minutesTheatre
York_production still_17_HR. Shakira Clanton, Jacob Narkle. Image credit Philip Gostelow Haunting new play is a must-see

Haunting new play is a must-see

23 July 2021

Weaving together thrilling ghost stories and chilling accounts of WA’s brutal colonial past, Black Swan State Theatre Company’s York tells a tale we all need to hear, says Bruce Denny, in his debut review for Seesaw.

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Promotional image for Your Arts Playground. The words

Introducing Your Arts Playground, Seesaw’s new podcast

30 June 2021

Not sure where to find out what’s happening in WA’s arts scene? Feel like you’re always hearing about the cool new shows, concerts and exhibitions after they’ve finished? Check out Your Arts Playground, a new monthly podcast from Seesaw’s managing editors, Nina Levy and Rosalind Appleby.

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A model of the ship Batavia built out of lego Winter gig guide for kids

Winter gig guide for kids

25 June 2021

Stay active during the winter holidays with this list of family-friendly arts experiences that will warm the body and the heart.

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Playthings 2021 Courtney Henri and Daniel Buckle image credit Daniel J Grant.042 Courtney Henri, as Lucy, raises a fist, almost joyfully, while Daniel Buckle, as Arnold, cowers next to her, an expression of horror on his face. Pilot partnership packs a punch

Pilot partnership packs a punch

5 May 2021

A trial collaboration between Black Swan and the Blue Room yields punchy, emotionally driven theatre, reports Claire Trolio.

Reading time • 5 minutesTheatre

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio