Tristan McInnes and Ellen-Hope Thomson in Moody. Photo: Georgi Ivers A woman wearing a dress in red and orange stands with he arms outstretched in a wide V. In one hand she holds a small bunch of white flowers and she smiles up at them. Behind her outstretched right arm stands a man, who looks at her and smiles. Dancing a difficult duet with love

Dancing a difficult duet with love

9 June 2022

Trust and love lie at the heart of Fonder Physical Theatre’s new work about living with mental illness, writes Nina Levy.

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A young woman in a purple robe is dancing in a green field. An electronic antidote

An electronic antidote

12 August 2020

In keeping with the times, local sound artist and electronic music producer Elsewhere/Rebecca (aka Rebecca Riggs-Bennett) has launched a debut album that’s designed specifically for home listening.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio