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Comedy: Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes

2 – 9 Feb @ Circus Theatre @ Fringe Central ·
Presented by Flash in the Can ·

Following sold-out Fringe World seasons in 2016 & 2017, Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes returns to Perth in 2019. Starring a rotating cast of the UK’s best comedy improv artists, the story  is new each show, with suggestions from the audience driving a bizarre mystery solved by Sherlock.

The show rotates who plays Sherlock Holmes each day, and takes inspiration from the mystery and intrigue  of the Victorian era – a time when Australia was a land of allure and enchantment to adventurous Brits.  Director Tom Wilkinson says: “The show is completely new every day, prompted by a suggestion slip we pick  out of a silk top hat. Everyone in the queue gets to suggest what the ‘case’ Sherlock will solve that day will be”.

The versatile troupe of: Daniel Nils Roberts (Racing Minds), Tom Skelton (Racing Minds), Vicky Hawley and  Caitlin Campbell will also be seen in the most exciting comedy shows across Perth, with the cast being  involved in seven shows between them, including: Aaaand Now for MORE Kiddo Kaos!, Improv Allstars Up Late and Did you Hear what I Saw?

The cast originally met while studying at Oxford University, where they joined the Oxford Imps, whose spin off group of 2011 graduates formed Racing Minds, now one of the biggest improv names on the international Fringe circuit.

**** “The production is rife with moments of sparkle and intelligence … copious amounts of talent and boundless potential” (Plays To See)

**** “This excellent improvised show is full of laughs, madness and superb deductions … very funny and  beautifully devious” (Fringe Guru)

“Good improvisation is like walking a tightrope; it’s a dangerous form of theatre without a net” (The West Australian)

More info:

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Spellbinding storytelling

Fringe World review: The Flanagan Collective and Gobbledigook Theatre (UK), Orpheus ·
Circus Theatre @ Fringe Central, 20 October ·
Review by David Zampatti ·

This simple, lovely re-telling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is the first you-must-see piece of theatre this Fringe World.

It’s the familiar story, told over millennium in hundreds of versions, of the master musician who dares to bring back his wife back from the dead, and whose failure, and their undying love, explains the bleakness of winter and the colours of spring.

British writer/actor Alexander Wright and musician Phil Grainger make the story modern by the substitution of the ancient Greek hero with Dave, an about-to-be-thirty English lad whose monochrome world bursts into colour when Eurydice walks into the karaoke bar where he’s singing Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”.

Once Eurydice dies and descends into the Underworld, though, the traditional myth takes over, and Wright’s storytelling skills guide us through its caverns, across the river Styx, past the dog Cerberus to the throne of Hades and his queen Persephone, who, moved by his plight, allow him to take Eurydice back to the living world, on one condition.

The rest we know.

Wright, who appears to read his story from an old, leather book, has beautiful emotion spiced with humour and humanity. Grainger, full and gentle, accompanies the story softly on guitar with his sweet songs – and some karaoke thrown in for our pleasure.

The whole effect is inventive and masterfully delivered – much in the style of the Scottish playwright David Greig, whose The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart is a more expansive companion to this work – and it was wonderful to watch the audience (even some who weren’t quite sure why they were there at first) fall under the spell of one of humankind’s greatest, saddest stories.

Let me repeat: a you-must-see production.

Orpheus plays the Circus Theatre at Fringe Central until January 29 and the Belgian Beer Cafe January 30 – February 3.

Pictured top are Alexander Wright and Phil Grainger in ‘Orpheus’.

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Let Me Finish
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Theatre: Let me finish.

12-17 February @ Circus Theatre @ Fringe Central ·
Presented by Emily Stokoe & Charlotte Otton ·

It’s fine. I’m not worried about it. But seriously, how much discharge is too much? A no-frills look into the lives of five young women, Let me finish. is too loud, too emotional, too thirsty, too much information and just getting started. A power ballad of humour & grotesqueness,  Let me finish. destigmatises the messy stories that lead to female self-acceptance and sexual empowerment. Bear witness to this full throttle performance that examines and disrupts traditional convention simply by existing.

Taking up space.
Like right now.
No Apologies.

Following a sell-out season in 2018 Let me finish. is back!
“One of the most poignant, political and necessary pieces of
theatre to date. Seriously” Isolated Nation, 2018.

Let me finish. was originally supported by The Blue Room Theatre.

More info
W: https://www.fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/let-me-finish-fw2019
E:  kayla.macgillivray@gmail.com

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Charles Horse Lays an Egg
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Comedy: Cam Venn – Charles Horse Lays an Egg

18 – 27 January @ The Gold Digger, Fringe Central ·
Presented by Cam Venn & Brodie Butler-Robey ·

On a lonely space station one unlikely hero holds the fate of humanity in his hands. A surreal physical comedy, unlike anything you have ever seen. An interactive visual feast of stupidity and joy with a bizarre collection of props and spectacular costumes, the comedian is set to take comedy-lovers on an interstellar adventure like no other.

“The most beautiful train wreck of an experience that I have ever seen, and I mean that as the highest compliment I can possibly give.” The Advertiser
“A master of comedic balance yet can push the boundaries beyond anything his crowd may be expecting.” The Music
“Venn is natural, he is relatable, and he gives the audience an abundance of warm fuzzies.” Weekend Notes
“Peak fringe” The Age

18+: Contains nudity, sexual references and bumholes.

★★★★★ The Music
★★★★★ Weekend Notes
★★★★★ Funny Tonne

WINNER MICF Golden Gibbo 2018
WINNER WA Tour Ready Award 2018
Nominated Best Comedy Melbourne Fringe 2018
Nominated SA Tour Ready Award 2018

More info
W: www.camvenn.com
E:  camvenncomedy@gmail.com

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Pity Party!
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Comedy: Pity Party!

29 Jan – 3 Feb @ Circus Theatre, Fringe Central ·
Presented by Sweaty Pits ·

Sweaty Pits are making their Perth debut with their award winning show “Pity Party!”

Two friends decide to follow their dream of creating an amazing sketch show! But among the several costume changes, the squirting citrus, the ’80s aerobics, and the magic mike strip routines… they realise their dream might be a little out of reach.

It’s comedy, it’s burlesque, it’s slap stick, it’s heartfelt.. it’s harder than they thought. A sketch show for those who question what they are doing with their lives and then do it anyway.

Sweaty Pits’ Pity Party was nominated for “Best Comedy” at the 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival and won the “New Zealand Tour Ready Award” at the 2018 Sydney Fringe Festival.

Frankie McNair and Miriam Slater wrote their first sketch together in 2016, after which they decided to combine their true loves (comedy and each other) and give birth to the sketch comedy duo “Sweaty Pits”. They aim to make change by screaming about the issues they care about with a positive, absurdist, and energetic energy and hope to leave the audience with a belly full of laughs as well as a message.

More info
W: www.fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/pity-party-fw2019
E:  sweatypitscomedy@gmail.com

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Puppet Guy
Calendar, Comedy, Fringe World, Performing arts

Comedy: Puppet Guy

18 – 26 January @ Circus Theatre @ Fringe Central ·
Presented by Fringeworld ·

Africa’s top ventriloquist (he’s the only one, but we all need angles), and double International Emmy-nominated comedian, Conrad Koch, brings his critically acclaimed show Puppet Guy to the Fringe World Festival.

His main puppet character, Chester Missing, is a celebrity in South Africa in his own right. Chester made world news as the first puppet in history to win a court case, no really. Conrad has appeared on the likes of Comedy Central, Comedy Network and at Just For Laughs Montreal.

Armed with an MA in social anthropology Conrad is well known, or to be precise, Chester Missing, is well known in South and Southern Africa for political satire and interviewing politicians on TV. He even has his own TV show, Almost News with Chester Missing. As far as we know he’s also the first puppet in history to have his own weekly news show. Chester Missing was also the first winner of the Ahmed Kathrada Anti-Racism Award, has even written an award-winning book, and has over 370 000 twitter followers. This puppet is not a dummy.

Their live show, Puppet Guy, is a party from start to finish. There’s a slice of political satire, and an even bigger slice of sheer puppet lunacy. It’s an hour of outrageous characters and off-the-wall comedy ventriloquism, with an African flavor. Touching on African and international politics, dissecting social issues, and the silliness of a grown man talking himself, it all comes together in an hour of hilarity for anyone 13 and up.

Conrad just wants to entertain you. Chester wants to talk about the real issues.Besides, being forced to live in a suitcase is always awkward. In Puppet Guy, two feather dusters and a slipper become Hilton, the dancing feminist ostrich; we meet Africa’s most dangerous animal, a mosquito, called Mosquito; and top it all, like every party, with a DJ: an innovative puppet made out of a hoodie and sunglasses, who actually DJs, DJ Hoodie.

The show is also highly interactive. Using a mobile phone, Snapchat and a Projector Puppet Guy turns people in the crowd into digital puppets, hilariously teaching everyone how ventriloquism works, and, using ventriloquism masks, finds a member of the audience who actually thinks they’re a lion, voices and hunting skills included.

The show has toured South Africa and Canada to critical acclaim, standing ovations and sold out houses, with FIVE STAR reviews from both the Winnipeg Free Press and the CBC.

More info
W: fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/puppet-guy-fw2019
E:  dixie2266@internode.on.net

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Danger Cabaret, El Bizarro
Cabaret, Calendar, Circus, February 18, Performing arts

Fringe World: El Bizarro

14-18 Feb & and 21-25 Feb @ The Gold Digger at Fringe Central ∙
Presented by: Danger Cabaret ∙

WA’s finest freaks; Ringmaster Magnus Danger Magnus, sexy & shocking sideshow duo Circus Carnis, and burlesque bon vivant Vivian Marlowe all return with brand new, jaw-dropping acts for 2018. They are joined by a cavalcade of weird and delightful special guests, including burlesque danger-babe Jacqueline Furey (QLD – last 5 shows), international sideshow royalty Damien Kenny (CAN – first 5 shows), sultry burlesque superstar Vesper White (VIC – first 5 shows), the Queen of Weimar punk kabarett Bernie Dieter (as seen in La Soiree and East End Cabaret – UK – last 5 shows) and reigning Mr Boylesque Australia champ, Karl Kayoss (WA – all shows).

Snap up your tickets quickly folks, because this will sell out!
“Expect to laugh, cheer and have your jaw plummet…a no-holds-barred circus spectacular.” The West Australian
“Sexy and shocking in equal mix…hands down one of the best you will see at Fringe World.” The Perth Project
“Properly bizarre…if you see one sideshow this Perth Fringe, make it El Bizarro.” ★★★★☆ The Music
“A rollicking ride through the greatest elements of the darkest side of sideshow, circus and cabaret…eye candy for the dark soul.” ★★★★☆ Xpress
“A gritty tribute to the power of performance.” The Perth Project
“You’ve got to see it to believe it.” Rotunda Media

More info: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/el-bizarro-glamour-danger-freaks-fw2018

Email: jasmine@dangercabaret.com

Photo: John Marshall

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Robert Woods: Sense & Spontenaity
Calendar, Comedy, February 18, Performing arts

Fringe World: Sense & Spontaneity

21-25 February @ Circus Theatre,  Fringe Central ∙
Presented by: Umbrella Works Inc ∙

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Austen plus impro equals a great time out! Join Austenphiles Esther Longhurst and Jessica Messenger on a joyful, ‘Certified Boyfriend Friendly’ romp through Sense and Spontaneity – the novelist’s seventh and previously undiscovered novel… Completely unscripted and improvised, no two shows are alike!

Fall in love with this charming all-ages adventure full of bonnets, balls, romance, and ridiculousness. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll bring your mum! She’ll thank you.

“A recurring improvisational wonder” ★★★★ ArtsHub, 2016
“A warm hug of an improvised show!” Stage Whispers, 2016
“Hilarious flights of fancy!” Australian Stage Online, 2015
Sold out – FRINGE WORLD 2016 and 2017, Fremantle Festival 2014, and Fremantle Heritage Festival show 2015, 2016.

More info: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/sense-and-spontaneity-fw2018

Photo: Robert Woods

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Modern Guide to Heroism
February 18, Performing arts, Theatre

Fringe World: A Modern Guide to Heroism & Sidekickery

16 – 25 Feb @ The Gold Digger @ Fringe Central ∙
Presented by: Michelle Zahner ∙

A superhero story that refuses to read like a comic book. Michelle Zahner joyfully mixes comedy, poetry & movement to work out how being a ‘superhero’ in the ‘real world’ really works. How do you rescue people from depression, or a broken friendship? How do you fight a cyclone, or a rabid llama, or the patriarchy? What do you call a boy damsel? And shouldn’t there be a villain somewhere?

With limited powers and more responsibility than she wants she finds herself dealing with media hype, impossible expectations, protest groups and sponsorship deals. Batman never had to deal with this s**t.
Michelle invites the audience to be a part of the story, to add their own questions and maybe even take up a mask themselves.

More info: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/a-modern-guide-to-heroism-sidekickery-fw2018

Email: mezahner@gmail.com

Photo: Lorenzo Fantini

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