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Music: A Performance For Our Planet

27 March @ Perth Town Hall ·
Presented by Perth Symphony Orchestra ·

Immerse yourself in the beautiful WA landscape with a concert inspired by nature. Perth Symphony Orchestra brings together the scent of Eucalyptus, a stunning array of indoor native plants and leading WA experts who will discuss the four themes of the concert; “Thriving Oceans”, “Drought Mitigation”, “Renewable Energy” and “Protecting Diversity”.

Performance time: 6.30 pm

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Dance makes the heart grow fonder

WA choreographer Ellen-Hope Thomson made her first work for Fringe, Ophelia, in 2016, while she was still a full-time dance student at WAAPA, and her second, Her Crown, just months after graduating.

Ellen-Hope Thomson

Two years later, she is not only bringing a third work to the Fringe stage, but a new collective, Fonder Physical Theatre. Seesaw caught up with Ellen for a quick Q&A ahead of Fonder’s debut.

Seesaw: When did you first know that you wanted to be an artist?
Ellen-Hope Thomson: When I was three years old my mum wrote in a time capsule that I had dreams of becoming a dancer but that I changed my mind frequently and that she couldn’t see this dream lasting very long haha. I guess I had always been imaginative but finding contemporary dance was when I really decided I wanted to be an artist. Being around the thinkers and movers of my days at STEPS Youth Dance Company was probably the first time I even knew what an artist could be. I was incredibly inspired by the way I was allowed to see and respond to the world.

S: Tell us about your training
EHT: My younger sister started dancing before me and will never let me forget that I owe my path through dance to her. We both danced for many years under loving teachers in Bunbury before I made the move to Perth at 16 to pursue training at WAAPA.

‘Here.Moving.” is a triple bill of works by Ellen-Hope Thomson (back), Lauren Catellani (middle) Ayesha Katz (seated). Photo: Dan MacBride.

S: What inspired you to start Fonder Physical Theatre?
EHT: Fonder is an emerging female performance company that I have been wanting to get started for some time now. Fonder emerged from a desire to gain momentum and create more platforms for emerging dancers and choreographers. It made sense to use some of my experience in producing, to aid the artists and friends closest to me in getting their work up too. We want to have more opportunities to test each other and to share stories that don’t rely on text. Fonder is also focusing in on the female experience and the ways in which we can use movement to highlight strength in less familiar ways.

S: Tell us about your 2018 Fringe show!
EHT: “Here.Moving.” is a triple bill of dance being performed in the beautiful Perth Town Hall. I am making a short piece (that may or may not be about my relationship to the Spice Girls) alongside works by Berlin-based artist Ayesha Katz and Lauren Catellani, another recent WAAPA graduate. The pieces are each very different and will give our audience a beautiful tasting plate of contemporary dance. We have an all-female team of incredible performers and we are excited to debut what Fonder is going to be all about.

S: Aside from your show, what are you looking forward to seeing/doing at Fringe?
EHT: Paper Mountain’s Peaks program is looking incredible this year and features quite a bit of special dance talent. The Blue Room Summer Nights is looking as fantastic as ever with Night Sweats, put on by emerging theatre company Static Drive, and The Big Dark by Rhiannon Peterson catching my particular attention. I am also equally looking forward to some balmy summer dancing and post show drinks at the artist bar.

S: What is your favourite playground equipment?
EHT: My favourite play equipment is the swings. Especially at night. I never feel more free than swinging as high as possible on a swing set in the dark.

“Here.Moving.” is showing 1-3 February at Perth Town Hall.

Top: Ellen Hope-Thomson

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Fringe World: Soup

30 January – 4 February, at 7.30pm @ “The Supper Room” at The Perth Town Hall, 601 Hay St, Perth CBD •
Presented by Deadly Entertainment •

This One Act Play follows a young woman by the name of Chelsea. She has recently done something that is considered by many to be a great sin. Trying her best to keep her recent action a secret. In her home, Chelsea must negotiate her way through a series of loving, nasty and politically charged reactions from her older sister Lisa, her sister-in-law Jess and her roommate Kim.

Soup is an exploration of an issue considered by many to be greatly divisive and sensitive. The play uses the twist of an all-male cast to represent our female characters. This gender bending of the characters aims to highlight how in today’s world, an issue that is important and very personal is still handled and controlled by people who will never have to consider their own health when it comes to this issue. “Because Men are the only ones with the right to talk about Women’s bodies.”

This show contains course language and sexual references, recommended only for Ages 16+

More info:

Photo: Marshall Stay

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Music: Phenomena

28 October @ Perth Town Hall ◆
Tura New Music ◆

Callum G’Froerer
7pm Saturday 28 October
Perth Town Hall

Tickets from
A program of new and recent solo works, with the mercurial double-bell trumpet as the centrepiece

Callum G’Froerer (1988) is an Western Australian composer and trumpet player based in Berlin since 2015, active in improvised and notated musical settings.

Callum G’Froerer presents a recital of new electro-acoustic works featuring the double-bell trumpet, an instrument never seen on Australian stages. A second bell allows for graceful transitions between different tone colours, new methods of articulation, and for allowing acoustic and electronically processed systems to occur simultaneously within the one instrument.

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Music: Breaking Out

23 October @ Perth Town Hall ◆
Tura New Music ◆

Young Composers Night
7pm Monday 23 October

Perth Town Hall

Tickets Online at:

The Breaking Out concert is a proud tradition of the biennial Totally Huge New Music Festival that celebrates emerging Western Australian composers and performers. Audiences are invited to an evening of inspiring compositions and soundworks created by graduating students from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and the University of Western Australia’s School of Music, as well as those spreading their wings beyond the institutions.

Works By:

Nate Wood
Ryan Burge
Alexander Turner
Emma Jayakumar
Gabbi Fusco
Annika Moses
Olivia Davies
Kate Milligan
Brock Stannard-Brown
Stephen de Filippo

More info:

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