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Film: Australian Revelations – Watch the Sunset

26 August @ The Backlot Perth ·
Presented by Revelation Perth International Film Festival ·

Watch The Sunset tells the story of Danny, an ex-con and his small – and rightly terrified – family, over one brutal afternoon. This is a visceral, tense, nervous thriller that unfolds in one shot, in real time.

While in lesser hands this would seem to be a mere device, in Watch The Sunset the pacing is absolutely essential to the film, and as events rapidly unfold it adds to the tight knot of tension in your stomach. This powerful intensity doesn’t let-up until the final credits have rolled and the film is one of the few that will truly have you on the edge of your seat. Watching the film is an emotionally raw, experience and the cast deliver some incredible intimate performances.

One of the most impressive Australian features of the last five years.

Tickets are $22 (+ booking fee) and include refreshments. Book on website below.

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A galaxy of ideas in sci-fi show

Review: Erin Coates and Jack Sargeant, ‘Other Suns: Cult Sci-Fi Cinema and Art’  ·
Fremantle Arts Centre ·
Review by Miranda Johnson ·

Embracing the non-human, the historical, the retro-futurist and the impossible, “Other Suns” imagines alternative futures through an examination of the science-fiction genre.

An expansive exhibition featuring works from 20 local, national and international artists, “Other Suns” is curated by Erin Coates and Jack Sargeant, and continues as part of Revelation Perth International Film Festival’s 2019 program, which otherwise wrapped up last month.

With a particular focus on the alternative, undiscovered or unfamiliar narratives of science fiction, “Other Suns” places the limitless bounds of artists’ individual imaginations at the centre. This shines through in the exhibition, with a broad range of different worlds created through each artwork that feel exciting, fresh and accessible, regardless of the viewer’s knowledge or interest in sci-fi.

Jess Day and Joanne Richardson’s geodesic half-dome is a playful examination of what space exploration might mean, and who it might be for. Expanding notions of space travel beyond masculine tropes of conquering other worlds, the work is filled with thoughtful eccentric details and embellishments regarding the pleasure of exploration for its own sake. Revelling in the excitement of the unknown without needing to possess the outcome, the journey and the experience are pushed to the fore, rather than the navigators’ glory or personal gain.

Soda_Jerk’s 4-channel video installation ‘Astro Black’.

In a similar manner, Sydney art duo Soda_Jerk’s Astro Black interrogates who and what space exploration, science fiction, and other futures might encompass. Their video cycle samples a diverse range of video and music sources, pointing to an Afro-futurist world. Elsewhere, Dan Bourke’s work presents sentences from cyborg scholar Donna Haraway printed on T-shirts, propagandist slogans that sit alongside the works of key sci-fi writers from curator Jack Sargeant’s personal collection. The personal, private worlds of these books is writ large across objects made for bodies, a literal embodying of the possibilities of alternative ways of living, or of being in the world.

Alongside the range of other works in the exhibition, including the hand-decorated rocks of Oliver Hull – remnants of the natural world reframed as alien beings – and the large-scale installation of Lisa Sammut, whose work A Monumental Echo leverages planetary exploration to remind us of the hubris of anthropocentric thought, the “Other Suns”‘ revolutionary possibilities become clear.

Whilst some people may not feel that sci-fi is for them, everyone can understand the exciting horizons of new worlds, alternative systems, and different futures. When these prospects are harnessed to critique, re-imagine, or simply enjoy, the possibilities are endless.

Also on show at FAC is Stuart Elliott’s new solo exhibition, whose centrepiece, Fremantle 1988, is an imposing cabinet of horrors which takes visitors on a “fakeological dig” through 200 years of recent WA history. Fremantle 1988 was recently donated to the City of Fremantle Art Collection by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre.

“Other Suns” and “Fremantle 1988” are showing until September 14.

Pictured top: James Doohan & Bianca Sharkey, ‘Ascension’ (from ‘Astro Morphs’), 2018, single channel video, 11:50.

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Other Suns Curator’s Lecture: Jack Sargeant

26 July @ Fremantle Arts Centre ·
Presented by Fremantle Arts Centre ·

In conjunction with Other Suns: Cult Sci-Fi Cinema and Art, Curator and Revelation Perth International Film Festival Program Director Jack Sargeant (UK) will deliver a lecture prior to the official opening of the exhibition.

Sargeant is an internationally regarded curator, film programmer and writer specialising in cult film, underground film and independent film. He is the author of several books including Flesh & Excess: On Underground Film, Against Control and Deathtripping: The Cinema of Trangression. Not to be missed by sci-fi aficionados, his lecture is titled Concrete: an autobiographical account of science fiction obsessions.

The lecture will be from 5-6 pm on Friday 26 July.

More info

Pictured: Astro Morphs, Astro Morphs Ascension, 2018

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Film: Australian Revelations: The Pretend One

25 March @ The Backlot Perth ·
Presented by Revelation Perth International Film Festival ·

Australian Revelations returns for 2019 with one of the undiscovered films of 2017.
The Pretend One has been described as “perfect in every aspect” by our friends at Cinema Australia and it’s easy to see why. Filled with great performances and plenty of heart, the film is a fantastic and idiosyncratic adult coming of age. Charlie and Hugo are aged in their 20s, live in a rural town in Central Queensland and have been best friends their whole lives. There’s just one thing – Hugo is Charlie’s imaginary friend.

The short film for our first Australian Revelations of the year is FILCH Short Film. A haphazard bank heist goes awry when the robbers get more than they bargained for.

About Australian Revelations:
The Revelation Film Festival and Breaking Banter proudly present a celebration of film – past, present and future – through a program of monthly screenings; Australian Revelations. The event is held at the fabulous  The Backlot Perth with drinks from DeVine Cellars and Otherside Brewing, cheese and international delights from Perth Gourmet Trader.

Doors open: 6:30pm
Event Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

More info

Pictured: The Pretend One

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The Oscars
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Film: 2019 Oscars Party

25 February @ The Backlot Perth ·
Presented by Revelation Perth International Film Festival ·

Where better to watch The Academy Awards then with a bunch of film fanatics in Perth’s best private cinema. Come to the Backlot Perth and hang out with The Revelation Film Festival to watch the 2019 Academy Awards in style and comfort.

Full bar open
Red carpet from 8.30am
Prizes and lively debate in spades
Wear your Oscars best!

More info

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