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Comedy: CAUTION: Deadline Ahead (A comedy about procrastination)

21 Jan – 1 Feb @ Rosie O’Grady’s ·
Presented by Cristina Lark ·

You have goals, you have plans, you have a brilliant future ahead. But you also have Candy Crush, Facebook, and 1,035 unread emails that you decided now is a good time to sort. Welcome to Cristina’s brain, an entity of its own, with its own will, who’s convinced that the concept of time is an illusion and that it’s suddenly a great moment to read about it online.

Presented by Cristina Lark, CAUTION: Deadline Ahead, is a solo sketch and storytelling comedy unlike any other – you’ll either thank heavens you’re not like her, or you’ll reassess your shameful life.

Actress, comedian and world-class procrastinator, Cristina Lark is now location independent, having lived and performed in London, Barcelona, Madrid and São Paulo, and even in Melbourne, where she directed 2 shows for the Fringe 2016 and was kicked out of the country, since in 3 months she couldn’t find an Australian husband to upgrade her visa. She’s bringing her unique blend of humour, sharp take on life and weird accent to Fringe World for the first time ever with CAUTION: Deadline Ahead. A comedy about procrastination. BE THERE at the premiere (or any given point in the near future).

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Super Woman Money Program - Elizabeth Davie
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Money, feminism and power… ballads

Sometimes comedy is the best way to explain depressing statistics, says Melbourne-based comedian Elizabeth Davie, and so she’s having a crack at the superannuation gender gap in her Fringe show Super Woman Money Program. Seesaw thought that sounded awesome, so we invited Elizabeth to complete our Fringe Sessions Q&A to find out more.

Seesaw: When did you first know that you wanted to be an artist?
Elizabeth Davie: I’ve always wanted to be an artist, but I started out as a visual artist, studying printmaking. That was before I got addicted to making people laugh. Making people laugh is easier (and more fun) as a comedian than as a printmaker.

S: Did you undertake formal training, learn on-the-job, or a bit of both?
ED: I started doing stand-up about five years ago, just learning on the job. But since then, I’ve trained in improv and clowning, including going to clown school in France for a bit.

S: Describe your artistic practice…
ED: Hmm… my comedy is sort of a mish-mash of personal stories, political stand-up and really silly clowning and dancing. And power ballads!

I’ve worked on community TV shows, doing political jokes and sketches, but at the moment I’m loving being able to make live shows and be with the audience every night. Doing an hour-long show lets you explore things in more depth and do material you couldn’t do in a five or ten minute spot.

I created Super Woman Money Program with my amazing directors, Sharney Nougher and Shannan Lim, so even though it’s a solo show, it was very much a team effort. They helped me shape the material and make the show the best it could be and I loved that process. I will never work without a director/s again!

S: Career highlight so far?
ED: My career highlight so far is selling out Super Woman Money Program at the Melbourne Fringe, but the best part about that was chatting to audiences afterwards. I had so many amazing conversations with people afterward, about their experiences with money and superannuation and the politics of it all. It’s actually a very emotional issue.

S: Tell us about Super Woman Money Program!
ED: Super Woman Money Program is a comedy about money, feminism and power ballads, inspired by my super company. They sent me an email suggesting I tackle the gender super gap by buying cheaper makeup, reusing my tea bags and avoiding divorce. The whole email was such a joke, I figured there must be a show in it! So I decided to see if I could make superannuation funny, because comedy is the best way to explain depressing statistics.

I know just enough about money to know I really don’t know enough, so I did a heap of research. I still don’t know enough, really, it’s so complex and confusing, it’s no wonder most people don’t even know their own super balance!

The show explores my own life, and also the social structures that place women at a financial disadvantage, through a mixture of stand up, sketch, clowning and storytelling. It’s funny, I promise!

S: What made you decide to give Fringe World a whirl?
ED: So many amazing artists and comedians have come out of Perth, including both my directors, Shannan and Sharney, so I couldn’t wait to bring a show to Fringe World.

S: Aside from your show, what are you looking forward to seeing/doing at Fringe?
ED: I’ve never been to Perth, so I can’t wait to visit and see the city. And there are so many amazing shows to see! But I’m possibly the most excited about the beaches, I hear they leave Victorian beaches for dead.

S: What is your favourite playground equipment?
ED: I’m a big fan of the swings! It’s really meditative.

Super Woman Money Program plays Upstairs at Rosie O’Grady’s, 30 January – 2 February.

Pictured top: Elizabeth Davie. Photo: Nayt Housman.

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Daniel Connell: Bit of Shush
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Fringe World: Daniel Connell – Bit of Shush

19-23 February @ Rosie O’Grady’s Northbridge ∙
Presented by: Shannon Toyne ∙

After a stellar 2017 Daniel Connell (as seen on the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala and Roadshow) returns to FRINGE WORLD with a brand new hour of stand-up! This is Daniel’s seventh festival solo show, so grab your ticket, roll up, and enjoy a ‘Bit of shush’. “A hilarious night out” ★★★★ Herald Sun.

Daniel Connell could easily be described as the ideal Aussie comedian; affable, loveable and hilarious. His observational, dry, often unanticipated comedy has seen him take to stages all over the country.

“After an hour in his company you’re chilled out and smiling. Damned if I know how he does it.” The Age.

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Pictured top: Daniel Connell

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Fringe World: Gelo Comedy Gala

7 pm show – 27 Jan 2018, 10 pm shows – 2 & 3, 9 & 10, 16 & 17 Feb 2018 @ Rosie O’Grady’s Northbridge 205 James St Northbridge 6003 •
Presented by The Gelo Company •

If you like laughing, you’ve pulled up at the right spot…

Gelo Comedy Gala is your late night burger feed of FRINGE WORLD entertainment with a combo of ingredients for all those craving fine hilarity cuisine.

Served up by comedians from around the globe and down the street. With a rotisserie of different acts each week (check our socials for the fresh lineup reveals).

Enjoyed solo or shared with friends, and paired great with a beer fresh from the Rosie O’Grady taps.

Please note: customer heckling may result in audience grilling.

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Fringe World: Famous Sharron’s Love Match

Preview 5 & 6 Feb 2018, General season 7-10 Feb 2018 from 8:30pm @ 205 James St Northbridge 6003 •
Presented by The Gelo Company •

“Famous Sharron is very famous for nothing at all, come and see what all the racquet is about! Married three times, and even better at divorce, Shaz is a relationship expert. Join her as she finds out if there is such a thing as the ‘perfect match’, does it matter how much you score* or just that you scored at all? *Everyone scores a Gift Bag.

“”Queen of the Fringe”” – The West Australian

“”The darling of Fringe and the queen of the selfie”” – Out In Perth

Winner – Spirit of the Fringe – FRINGE WORLD 2014
Winner – Best Marketing – NZ Fringe 2014
Winner – Best Individual – PRIDE Festival 2016
Winner – Best Promotions – Bike Week 2017

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Fringe World: Super Woman Money Program

30 January – 2 February 2018, 7:15pm @ Upstairs at Rosie O’Grady’s, 205 James Street, Perth, Western Australia 6003 •
Presented by Elizabeth Davie •

A comedy show about feminism, power ballads and superannuation.

Did you know women often retire with a lot less super than men? Elizabeth didn’t. She gets her financial advice from Shirley Bassey and spent all her money going to clown school. But now they tell her she has to raise an extra $350,000 for her retirement, just because she has a vagina. So she’s doing a Fringe show. Welcome to the Super Woman Money Program.

Fantastically joyful feminist comedy” — Squirrel Comedy
“Hilarious…Davie is equal parts verbally and visually funny” — Pop Culture-y
Super Woman Money Program “is delightful, shocking and deeply reflective on an issue that affects everyone.” — Theatrepeople

Created and performed by Elizabeth Davie
Directed by Shannan Lim and Sharney Nougher.

More info:

Photo: Nayt Housman

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