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Circus: Fisticuffs

14 – 17 February @ The Black Flamingo, Yagan Square ·
Presented by Sven Hopla ·

A circus theatre that follows and abstract narrative dissecting circus, masculinity and the relationship between audience and performer whilst using aerial acrobatics, dance and physical theatre to tell the tale.

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Pictured: Fisticuffs, credit Hanna Dunn

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Bemusing but beguiling

Fringe World review: Fisticuffs by Sven Hopla ·
Cirquest, 8 February ·
Review by Suzanne Ingelbrecht ·

A rope hanging from the rafters, a punch bag marked Cassius and a military helmet named Born to Klown and we’re in the set-up for Sven Hopla’s Fisticuffs and some classic bait-the-audience clowning.

Red crabs, the kind that make their annual pilgrimage across deadly Christmas Island roads to mate and spawn on the beach, are thrown into the audience as proof of the tragedy of being a lowly crab. But this isn’t really tragedy, is it? I mean it’s absurd to feel sorry for a crab and its potential demise at the pincers of the crazy yellow ants… isn’t it?

You get the picture. The antics of Hopla to “explain” tragedy (or is it drama?) to his bemused spectators certainly make for “a strange time”. But Fisticuffs has its beguiling moments, particularly when the performer demonstrates his consummate skill as a circus aerial acrobat and performs tricks with the rope that command all his strength and courage.

The audience enjoyed it and so did I, although Hopla might have benefited from a more energised and gung-ho participatory audience on this, his opening night at the Cirquest main space.

Our fault. Not his.

‘Fisticuffs’ plays Cirquest  until 11 February.

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Fringe world: Fisticuffs

8 – 11 Feb @ Cirquest, 17 Howlett St, North Perth WA 6006 •
Presented by Sven Hopla •

Aerial acrobatics, anarchic comedy, absurdism, abdominal muscles and, ah, clown boxing. Part surrealist comedy, part high skill circus Fisticuffs pushes the boundaries between audience and performer to create a show that’s both unique and strangely beautiful.

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Photo: Hanna Dunn

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