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Music: Walkman Antiquarian

27 May @ Callaway Auditorium, University of WA ·
Presented by TURA and UWA Conservatorium of Music ·

Intercurrent perform contemporary chamber music for piano, percussion, bass clarinet and electronics in Walkman Antiquarian. The program includes renowned works by Thomas Meadowcroft and John Cage, and a newly commissioned world premiere work by Perth composer Olivia Davies. Olivia’s work Intimate Distance for bass clarinet, marimba, piano and tape is inspired by a recording in her personal library of collected sounds.

“A small sample of this recording was immediately evocative of entirely different
soundworlds and I could hear the potential for a piece. I pushed the sample from
a very high to a very low range, and this became the arc of the piece. As it descends, the character of the music shifts, hinting at familiar soundworlds. That’s where I have this idea of intimate distance—a kind of state of familiarity and detachment. It’s also a bit like listening to electroacoustic music, where we are detached from the source of the sound and are completely immersed in a particular space of listening. I’ve used the live instruments in a way to try and enhance the tape, and create a listening experience that I hope is immersive,” Olivia said.

Intercurrent is Lachlan Skipworth (composer and conductor), Louise Devenish (percussion),Ashley Smith (Bass Clarinet) and Emily Green-Armytage (Piano) with guest artist Jackson Vickery (Percussion). Intercurrent is currently Artist-in-Residence at UWA Conservatorium of Music.

More info
W: www.tura.com.au/tura-program/walkman-antiquarian/
E:  info@tura.com.au

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Calendar, May 19, Music, Performing arts

Music: The Augmented Piano

15 May @ Subiaco Arts Centre ·
Presented by TURA ·

The Augmented Piano is an immersive, multi-layered event combining music, film, and electronics. Works by Gordon Monahan and Chiyoko Szlavnics reimagine the instrument, stretching the limits of how a piano can produce sound, while works by Nicole Lizée and Ann Southam bring in visual elements to augment the piano. Breathtaking explorations of the inside and outside of the piano, of overtone resonances, and the melding and bending of electronic tones coax the instrument into a new realm, inviting an entirely new perspective on sound and listening.

Subiaco Arts Centre is at 180 Hamersley Road, Subiaco.

More info
W: https://www.tura.com.au/tura-program/the-augmented-piano/
E:  info@tura.com.au

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Music: Tangents

22 July, 6pm @ Rosemount Hotel 459 Fitzgerald Street North Perth ·
Presented by TURA ·

Tura and Cool Perth Nights present Sydney-based experimental, electronic, free improvisors, Tangents, for the launch of New Bodies at Rosemount Hotel on Sunday July 22, as part of their national tour. Tangents will bring their full live show for the first time to Perth. New Bodies continues Tangents’ rummage through countless varieties of electronics, rock, dub, noise, and free improv jazz that defines the group’s acclaimed aesthetic. Expect plucked cello giving way to a minimalist breakbeat tableau resting over rhythmic prepared piano; a staid electronic groove that is gradually absorbed into washes of frenzied improv; staccato synths that are woven into tumbling avant-rock; and shimmering free drums phased over static loops of piano, guitar and cello.

After an eventful year of touring throughout their native Australia, including runs with labelmates MONO and like-minded pioneers Tortoise, and featuring alongside the work of artist David Hockney at the National Gallery of Victoria, post-everything, quintet Tangents return with another album, and another stylistic detour.

To quote FACT Magazine, “The quintet are so comfortable working with jazz, folk music, post-rock and electronic music that it comfortably hangs in a space between them all.” On New Bodies, that description rings more intuitive and authentic than ever.

More info:
W: www.tura.com.au/tura-program/new-bodies-by-tangents/
E: info@tura.com.au

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Gabriella Smart
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Music: Of Broken Trees and Elephant Ivories

29 June @ Callaway Music Auditorium UWA ·
Presented by Tura ·

Pianist Gabriella Smart takes the audience on a journey inspired by the narratives of two pianos from colonial Australia: Percy Grainger’s childhood piano, and the first piano to be transported to Alice Springs, reputedly on the back of a camel from Oodnadatta. Leading composers Cat Hope and Erkki Veltheim have transformed narratives surrounding these pianos to create works that are inspirationally original and unique. Hope instills the piano with theremin like qualities, inspired by Grainger’s Free Music, while Veltheim morphs history with contemporary culture where morse code is played on colonial piano to spell out the world’s most retweeted tweet of January 2015, reflecting our universal obsession with trivia.

The result is music that is mesmerizingly beautiful, and sharply confronting.

Tickets: $20/$15/$10

More info: www.tura.com.au/tura-program/broken-trees-elephant-ivories/
Email: info@tura.com.au

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Calendar, Contemporary music, June 18, Music, Performing arts

Music: Sensory Horizons by Intercurrent

19 June @ Subiaco Arts Centre ·
Presented by TURA ·

Intercurrent returns with Sensory Horizons, an eclectic program stretching ears to the far ends of sound and emotion. Piano, percussion and clarinet virtuosity sit at the centre in a program of exciting new and existing works. From Georgian Hymns to birds in flight, Intercurrent will explore new sonic horizons.


Percussion, clarinet, electronics and piano with special guests.

Lachlan Skipworth
Louise Devenish
Ashley Smith
Emily Green-Armytage

Special Guests
Akiko Miyazawa (violin)
Jon Tooby (cello)
Andrew Freeman (flute)

American composer John Supko layers samples of experimental poetry over long melodic lines to create his immersive and poignant This Window Makes Me Feel. Kate Moore’s Spin Bird stretches the soloist’s mastery of technique, pushing closer to the exhilaration of flight. Julian Day’s much anticipated and new work Low Horizons layers the ensemble against a warped electronic version of itself to powerful effect. Evan Zyporyn’s Tsmindao Ghmerto reimagines an ancient Georgian Hymn for vocalising bass clarinettist to colourful and arresting effect, while Witold Lutoslawski’s Subito is a brief burst of fiery virtuosity and stark emotional contrasts. Finally, the ensemble expands to a sextet formation for the premiere of two new works of Intercurrent’s own Lachlan Skipworth.

John Supko This Window Makes Me Feel
Kate Moore Spin Bird
Julian Day Low Horizons world premiere


Lachlan Skipworth New Work 1 world premiere
Witold Lutoslawski Subito
Evan Zyporyn Tsmindao Ghmerto
Lachlan Skipworth New Work 2 world premiere

More info: www.tura.com.au/tura-program/sensory-horizons-intercurrent/
Email: info@tura.com.au

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