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Music: Sassafras: Under Paris Skies

18 – 25 January @ The Ellington Jazz Club ·
Presented by Jessie Gordon & Sassafras ·

Outstanding Perth jazz combo Sassafras bring their 5 star gypsy swing to Fringe World for the fourth year in a row. With a brand new show featuring everything from haunting French ballads to rollicking tearaway gypsy tunes, this talented band will walk you down the cobbled streets of Montmartre with a swing in your step.

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Comedy: The Laugh Resort Comedy Club

16, 23 & 30 Jan & 6 Feb @ The Shoe Bar & Cafe, Yagan Square ·
Presented by Laugh Resort Inc.·

Perth’s longest running comedy club (est 1991) is back in a new city location at the heart of Fringe World, with changing line-ups of the fest’s best homegrown and visiting comedians. Weekly during Fringe (and monthly year-round), share good times and great laughs with today’s and tomorrow’s stars of comedy at the club which helped grow Hughesy,Rove, Dave Callan, Claire Hooper, Joel Creasey and even Jim Jefferies.

From Aussie legends Fleety and Chris Franklin, to international stars such as Tim Minchin, many a comedy icon has graced Laugh Resort’s stage and this year will be no exception.

16 January is a preview, tickets available through
All other shows through

Fringe’s final Wednesday, 13 Feb, hosts a lineup of all girl comedians in the inaugural Galentine’s Day Gala hosted by Famous Sharron:

Plus, the Club’s hosting 14 other festival shows Wed-Sun all Fringe long:

For Wednesday lineup announcements, follow TheLaughResort on Facebook and Instagram or see

“Great room, cool staff, inspiring comics.” – Greg Fleet

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Theatre: Feminah

18-26 January @ The Blue Room Theatre ·
Presented by Charlotte Otton & The Blue Room
Theatre Summer Nights ·

Feminah is a cabaret piece about the vulgar women of the world; the women that embrace all things trashy and beastly and that celebrate their intrinsically hideous selves. It is a power ballad for women too scared to unleash the beast within and let her wreak havoc. Feminah follows one woman on a war-path to dismantle every structure set in place to keep her calm and appropriate; she’s here to destroy the town, and maybe take you with it.

A solo show created by Perth’s staunchly seductive powerhouse Charlotte Otton, Feminah is an ode to women that censor themselves for the sake of being professional or tasteful.

Presented with The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights, this explosion of gritty
femininity is what happens when a woman refuses the idea of ‘having it all’ and instead, annihilates it.

Charlotte Otton’s debut sell out show Let me finish. was nominated for 7 of The Blue Room Theatre’s 2018 awards, and won the Member’s Choice and Judge’s Choice awards!

“One of the most exciting shows I’ve seen in the indie sector for a few years,
I’m very keen to see what happens next for the artists involved.” -Performing Lines

“Charlotte has a real comedic gift”- OUTinPerth

“Charollet you have a very sexy attractive leg”- Jovan from Tinder

Writer & Performer: Charlotte Otton
Live Composer & Lighting Designer: Joe Lui
Dramaturg & Mentor: Libby Klysz
Stage Manager: Jessie Atkins
Producer: Alexander Egloff
Publicist: Kayla MacGillivray

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Pictured: Charlotte Otton, credit: Marshall Stay


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Cutting Teeth
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Circus: Cutting Teeth

24 & 25 January @ Freo Big Top ·
31 Jan – 3 Feb @ Big Top @ The Woodside Pleasure Garden ·
Presented by Sliders Youth Circus/CircusWA ·

A whimsical and fun look at that moment of crossroads of youth and adulthood. The twilight years of teenage-dom and the infant years of grownup-dom. That moment between leaving school and taking that first leap, applying for that first internship, discovering the new you, new love or going to uni, taking a gap year or going on the dole. The thoughts, the challenges, the excitement and the dread. Just when you think you have figured out who or what you are, then arrives your 20’s. A story of coming of agetold through the ageless craft of circus.

Directed by Natano Fa’anana & Rachel Bodenstaff
Performed by Sliders Youth Circus

Sliders is the Youth Performance Troupe of CircusWA and aims to foster
the next generation of professional Circus performers. Accepting performers
aged 13-24, the program prepares students for work in the professional Circus
circuit, in street arts or to act as a springboard for further studies. Sliders
Youth Circus have had students go on to study at world-class institutions both
Australian and International.

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Mr Gorski
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Children – Circus: Mr Gorski

27 Jan – 3 Feb @ Big Top @ The Woodside Pleasure Garden ·
Presented by Daniel Gorski & Duncan Maurice ·

One of Australia’s most loved festival stars comes back to Perth Fringe World in 2019 with a twinkle in his eye, a twist in his moustache and a slew of tricks and gags to delight audiences of all ages!

As seen as Jango on ABC kids Hoopla Doopla. Mr.Gorski is on the run for being too entertaining! Multi award-winning, international performer, Daniel Gorski brings to life incredible comedy with extraordinary tricks for everyone in the family.

“The comedy is on-point. He brings back the timeless humour of mime, slapstick, circus, and magic. Gorski is an enormous talent!” The Australia Times.
“It’s raucous fun, silly and tongue in cheek” Alt Media.
“He can dance, juggle, balance and manipulate his bowler hat in ways
not seen since black and white cinema” ★★★★★ Night Writes
“Mr Gorski is able to keep the attention of audiences of widespread
ages covering three generations.” Sydney Arts Guide

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Charles Horse Lays an Egg
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Comedy: Cam Venn – Charles Horse Lays an Egg

18 – 27 January @ The Gold Digger, Fringe Central ·
Presented by Cam Venn & Brodie Butler-Robey ·

On a lonely space station one unlikely hero holds the fate of humanity in his hands. A surreal physical comedy, unlike anything you have ever seen. An interactive visual feast of stupidity and joy with a bizarre collection of props and spectacular costumes, the comedian is set to take comedy-lovers on an interstellar adventure like no other.

“The most beautiful train wreck of an experience that I have ever seen, and I mean that as the highest compliment I can possibly give.” The Advertiser
“A master of comedic balance yet can push the boundaries beyond anything his crowd may be expecting.” The Music
“Venn is natural, he is relatable, and he gives the audience an abundance of warm fuzzies.” Weekend Notes
“Peak fringe” The Age

18+: Contains nudity, sexual references and bumholes.

★★★★★ The Music
★★★★★ Weekend Notes
★★★★★ Funny Tonne

WINNER MICF Golden Gibbo 2018
WINNER WA Tour Ready Award 2018
Nominated Best Comedy Melbourne Fringe 2018
Nominated SA Tour Ready Award 2018

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Two Girls One Cuck
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Comedy: Two Girls, One Cuck

23 – 27 January @ Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den ·
Presented by Rose Bishop, Donna Collins & Nick O’Connell ·

Rose and Donna are two of Australia’s brightest emerging comedians. Nick is a huge cuck and is lucky that Rose and Donna even asked him to be in this show (they told me to write this, and like a cuck, I agreed).

“(Rose Bishop) thoroughly hilarious.” – Pedstrian.TV, 2018 “(Rose Bishop’s) astute observations were extremely relatable and perfectly balanced with a mixture of honesty, weirdness and humour.” Squirell Comedy, 2018 “Donna Collins seems like an agile cat, in comic form… This is an art form, and Collins is an artist who makes something that is inherently difficult look effortless…There is no discomfort in watching her, only joy.” Squirell Comedy, 2018 “(Nick) O’Connell is one of Adelaide’s more intelligent comedians… a first-rate comic.” – RIP IT UP, 2016

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Pictured: Two Girls, One Cuck, credit: Emma Holland

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Cotton Wool Kid
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Theatre: Cotton Wool Kid

25 Jan – 2 Feb @ State Theatre Centre of WA ·
Presented by The Cutting Room Floor & Summer Nights ·

Cotton Wool Kid is a love story that spans years in seconds. Our narrators: two gooey-eyed lovers and fighters, fumbling their way forward in life, loss and love. This fast-paced production explores the perseverance of the human spirit and borrows from uncomfortable questions we asked Mum.

Originally developed as part of Black Swan State Theatre Company’s Emerging Writers’ Group.

More info

Pictured: Cotton Wool Kid: Credit:
Images Copyright Susie Blatchford of Pixel Poetry Facebook: @pixelpoetryau
Instagram: @pixelpoetry_

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Theatre: GRACE

22 – 26 January @ The Blue Room Theatre ·
Presented by Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights
& public service announcement ·

“It’s like when you get all flustered and you don’t know what to do… so you just eat Sukin Face Wash.”

Jane Parker says Grace is the head of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, and Octopus just ate her pet goldfish. Octopus is like a Patronus, but crap. Today seems fine, but when Octopus demands a move to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, things take a turn.

A delightful look at dealing with our slimy shape-shifting anxieties, GRACE is a new play from the award-winning makers behind The Cockburn Incident (2017 Adelaide Fringe Tour Ready Award).

Warnings: Mental Health

Featuring Simone Detourbet, Anna Dooley, Ana Ika & Elise Wilson

Producer: Erin Lockyer
Writer: Zachary Sheridan
Director: Phoebe Sullivan
Design: Sally Phipps
Sound: Isaac Diamond
Lighting: Phoebe Pilcher
Stage Management: Charley Newton
Marketing & Publicity: Mitchell Whelan
Project Mentor: Will O’Mahony

More info:

Pictured: Grace, credit: Pixel Poetry

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Dirty Jazz
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Music: Dirty Jazz

18 – 20 January @ Duke of George, Fremantle ·
21 – 24 January @ The Ellington Jazz Club ·
Presented by Jessie Gordon ·

Jessie is no stranger to the darker side of jazz. Joined by the incredibly talented pianist Adrian Galante, Jessie delves into the depths of the dirtiest jazz tunes around for a thrilling speakeasy adventure.

There are more filthy songs about drinking, thinking and fine dining than you can poke a stick at, and none of them are safe for regular consumption. There are songs for the swooning moonshiners, those inclined to wine, those frisky for whisky and some odes to our favourite friends, those tenders of the bar. In the dark, dingy cornersand smokey recesses of the Golden Era of Swing, there are songs to address your every desire, there is room for all your dirty deeds andtime for you to unwind with a refined beverage.

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