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Theatre: The Ides of March

8 – 13 February @ Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den ·
Presented by Elwood Social Club Productions ·

Time travel. Treachery. Togas!
When William Shakespeare travels back in time to ancient Rome to research his newest play he unwittingly finds himself a prime suspect in the murder of Julius Caesar. He and his faithful sidekick Cardenio are forced to use all their tact and cunning to evade the villainous senator Brutus, the leader of the conspirators who’s desperate to throw the ‘dirty foreigner’ to the lions, and the trenchcoat-clad  Inspector Detectivus of the Roman Politizia, who’s hell-bent on cracking the case of the century.

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Lady conducting choir
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Music: Instachoir

29 Jan, 4 & 11 Feb @ The Moon ·
Presented by Claire Coleman ·

Calling all choir nerds and wannabe choir nerds! Claire Coleman, founder of Menagerie Choir,  brings her Pop Up Instachoir experience all the way from Berlin to Fringe World. Instachoir renders you, and the rest of the singing audience, the stars of a 3 part harmony pop song extravaganza! Each show features a different pop hit. Come each week to collect the entire set! No musical background? No worries! Experience not required, enthusiasm vital.

Week 1:  29 January: The Bangles “Walk Like An Egyptian”
Week 2:   4 February: The Spice Girls “Stop”
Week 3: 11 February: The Beach Boys “Kokomo”

Each show concludes with a tiny spontaneous performance, so please allow 90 minutes for this show.

More info:

Pictured: Claire Coleman conducting, credit: Nancy Ludwig

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Man with bowler hat, braces and bowtie pointing at his ears.
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Comedy: Tom GK: Hearing Loss, The Musical!

7 – 10 February @ Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den ·
Presented by Flash in the Can ·

Six years ago, Tom GK had his dream job as music reviewer for a national UK paper, reviewing  everyone from: Bob Dylan and Muse to Usher and Britney Spears. Only problem was, Tom had a secret: his hearing was rapidly deteriorating. During a Foo Fighters gig, Tom GK finally accepted he had  to seek help and swapped his life of guitars and notebooks for doctors, MRI scans and hearing tests. Now he’s ready to tell his story … and because every music critic in reality wants to be on stage, he’s written a musical!

A rare disease, a music critic who always dreamt of being on stage, a triumphant premier at Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Tom GK: Hearing Loss, The Musical! is as unlikely as it is compelling. “I’ve had some very hard times – and there’s some harder times undoubtedly ahead,” says Tom. “But finally bringing my story to life has been transformative. What’s been even more amazing is the amount of people who also  suffer hearing loss who come along and want to talk about their experiences too. I’m honoured and excited to bring the show to Perth Fringe World and Adelaide Fringe Festival and take the story global. Hearing  loss is a huge taboo in our society and if I can get audiences singing and dancing about it with me then  it’s a massive step forward.”

Tom GK is a regular contributor to London’s Daily Telegraph and the Guardian and other publications. In his 20s,  he then began losing his hearing and was diagnosed with a genetic disease, neurofibromatosis II. He now writes and  performs about it.

Tom GK and his friend Tom Skelton, who is vision-impaired, are also presenting a family show Did you Hear What I Saw, during Fringe World for three shows at Subiaco Arts Centre.

There will be an AUSLAN Interpreter for shows at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den on Thursday 7 February.

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Tom Skelton dressed as a king, with crown, cloak and goblet in hand
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Comedy: Tom Skelton’s Macbeth

30 Jan – 4 Feb @ Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den ·
Presented by Flash in the Can ·

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes …” Shakespeare

Tom Skelton, UK comic and improv star, finally gets the chance to put on his favourite Shakespeare play,  but he only has one actor (himself), who’s registered blind and who might not know all his lines.  A fiercely funny farce ensues, as character comedy maverick Skelton presents his unique Macbeth.

Tom Skelton developed Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (a genetic eye condition that runs in his family) ten years ago, leaving him with 5% vison. He first noticed some loss of vision at the Edinburgh Fringe,  when fellow performers on stage became blurry, and he started to struggle to read the information on  tickets. His sight quickly deteriorated and he was diagnosed weeks later.

Tom’s favourite Shakespeare play is Macbeth and he has always wanted to play him. But after losing his vision, he never thought that he would. Tom Skelton’s Macbeth is a World Premiere at 2019 Fringe World.

Tom is a character comedian and improviser, who happens to be registered blind. He’s had four smash hits  at Edinburgh: Blind Eye Spy, Blind Man’s Bluff, Foolball and 2061. He stars in Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes, works with the BAFTA-winning History Bombs and is a founding member of UK improv comedy  group Racing Minds.

“Inventive and very enjoyable” Mirror, UK
“Deliciously talented,” The Guardian, UK
“Exceptionally funny” Weekend Notes, Australia
“Inventive and very enjoyable” ★★★★ Mirror, UK
“Undoubtedly funny” The West Australian, WA
“An extraordinary performer”, SA

Tom Skelton can also be seen at Fringe World in: Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes, Aaaand Now for  MORE Kiddo Kaos!, Improv Allstars Up Late and Did you Hear what I Saw?

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4 people lined up one behind the other, police at rear, all looking slightly offbeat.
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Comedy: Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes

2 – 9 Feb @ Circus Theatre @ Fringe Central ·
Presented by Flash in the Can ·

Following sold-out Fringe World seasons in 2016 & 2017, Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes returns to Perth in 2019. Starring a rotating cast of the UK’s best comedy improv artists, the story  is new each show, with suggestions from the audience driving a bizarre mystery solved by Sherlock.

The show rotates who plays Sherlock Holmes each day, and takes inspiration from the mystery and intrigue  of the Victorian era – a time when Australia was a land of allure and enchantment to adventurous Brits.  Director Tom Wilkinson says: “The show is completely new every day, prompted by a suggestion slip we pick  out of a silk top hat. Everyone in the queue gets to suggest what the ‘case’ Sherlock will solve that day will be”.

The versatile troupe of: Daniel Nils Roberts (Racing Minds), Tom Skelton (Racing Minds), Vicky Hawley and  Caitlin Campbell will also be seen in the most exciting comedy shows across Perth, with the cast being  involved in seven shows between them, including: Aaaand Now for MORE Kiddo Kaos!, Improv Allstars Up Late and Did you Hear what I Saw?

The cast originally met while studying at Oxford University, where they joined the Oxford Imps, whose spin off group of 2011 graduates formed Racing Minds, now one of the biggest improv names on the international Fringe circuit.

**** “The production is rife with moments of sparkle and intelligence … copious amounts of talent and boundless potential” (Plays To See)

**** “This excellent improvised show is full of laughs, madness and superb deductions … very funny and  beautifully devious” (Fringe Guru)

“Good improvisation is like walking a tightrope; it’s a dangerous form of theatre without a net” (The West Australian)

More info:

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Orange and pink background, white dots and words Kiddo Kaos
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Children: Aaaand Now For MORE … Kiddo Kaos!!

31 Jan – 2 Feb @ Subiaco Arts Centre ·
9 – 10 February @ De Parel Spiegeltent ·
Presented by Flash in the Can ·

Fringe World favourites, members of British improv comedy superstars Racing Minds and Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes, bring a mad mash of improv games, all with different crazy twists and all driven by suggestions from the young ‘uns.  Runner up: Best Children’s Event Fringe World 2016 with (Aaaand Now For … Kiddo Kaos!),  2019’s show will have MORE Kaos with new cast members: Vicki Hawley, Caitlin Campbell and  Tom GK, joining Racing Minds members Tom Skelton and Daniel Nils Roberts.

Stuffed with hilarious characters and LOTS of daft jokes, this mischievous show is whatever the kids want it to be! Expect improvised mayhem, physical comedy, music and merriment for  ages 7 – 12 and adults too! With the help of their junior conspirators, these dashing adventurers  create a show that is just as entertaining for adults in 2 venues: Subiaco Arts Centre (31 Jan, 1-2 Feb, 2:30pm) and De Parel Spiegeltent, The Woodside Pleasure Garden (9-10 Feb at 1:45pm)

Two shows at Subiaco Arts Centre (31 Jan and 1 Feb ) will be AUSLAN interpreted for the hearing impaired.

“My six-year-old son and I were both in hysterics at the show we attended which was entirely  due to the talent of the ensemble rather than any luck or divine intervention. So, whilst no  two shows could possibly bare the same outcomes, I’d find it impossible to conceive that each performance would be anything less than hilarious ( Australia)

“Impressive improvisational talent … fast-paced, inventive, jolly good fun” (The West Australian)

“Script-less brilliance, crowd captivated from start to finish” (Three Weeks, Edinburgh)

More info:

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Man in Top Hat and dress suit, woman with plaits holding book
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Comedy: Improv Allstars Up Late

30 Jan – 8 Feb @ Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den ·
Presented by Flash in the Can ·

Top stars of UK improv get together for Whose Line Is It Anyway-style games, scenes, songs and puns galore, in a unique and whip-smart melee of make-em-ups (with milk and two sugars)! This gag-packed whirlwind of an evening is a unique opportunity to catch award- winning improv talent from across a range of the biggest shows in British improvised comedy.

Tom Skelton, Vicky Hawley, Caitlin Campbell and Daniel Nils Roberts bring combined experience with Fringe World sellout favourites Racing Minds, Edinburgh Fringe  sensations Murder She Didn’t Write, marvellous returning mystery Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes and West End  Austentatious – and now they’re putting you in charge for this unmissable guffaw-fest  based entirely on audience suggestions!

If Brexit is proving anything, it’s that no one makes it up as they go along quite like the British!

“We can’t wait to bring our quick-witted, distinctly British style of silliness to Australia,” says Daniel Nils Roberts. “After all, you might soon be the only trading partner we have left! Like Prince Philip on a statevisit, we really have no idea what we’re going to say, so we need your suggestions to speed us on our way. You know that weird thing you’ve always wanted to see comedy about? Here’s your chance to shout it out and see it performed by some of the fastest, brightest and funniest comics the UK has to offer.”

“Improv at its finest” ★★★★ The Australia Times.
“Fast-paced, inventive, jolly good fun” ★★★★ The West Australian.
The best fun you can have in a confined space with over 50 strangers whilst still having your  clothes on” ★★★★ Fringe Review.

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Ghoulish figure in prison cell
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Multimedia: The Ghosts of Fremantle

9 February @ Fremantle Prison ·
Presented by Genrefonix ·

Genrefonix bring their sell-out fictional multimedia show back for 2019.
Perth based arts/music collective, Genrefonix return to the atmospheric Fremantle Prison Theatre with a multimedia show featuring original horror music and soundscapes, all  performed live alongside compelling imagery of Fremantle’s architecture and its ghosts.

One of WA’s most haunted buildings will be bought to life through emotive tunes, eerie sound effects and imaginative ghost portraits. The original theatre screen used for prisoners will fire up once again, bringing history and imagination to life.

Each ghost has a story, each building a unique ambiance. Share in the power and passion of the supernatural landscape of Fremantle. Spooky fun! Rockin’ tunes! Witness if you dare! Highly talented performers taking part in The Ghosts of Fremantle include WAAPA jazz graduates and local Perth rockers.

Genrefonix combines cutting-edge sound engineering and filmmaking techniques to create unique live events. Employing a strong gothic style the creative team often focus on bringing real local histories to life through innovative and surprising mixed media experiences, with the performance venue integrated into the work. Genrefonix employs popular tropes from ‘genre’  filmmaking to reinvigorate local history for new audiences.

A range of musicians and visual artists collaborate on original artworks such as films and soundscapes, as well as augmenting public domain properties through a process of ‘re-editing’ and ‘re-composing’. Artists includeWAAPA trained jazz improvisers and members of local rockers Oats Supply, Day of the Dead and many more.

Show times: 7pm, 8.15pm, 9.30pm

More info:

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3 men making music at night in the Bush
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Music: One Sky, Many Stories

9 & 10 February @ The Edith Spiegeltent, Yagan Square ·
Presented by Michael Sollis & The Griffyn Ensemble ·

‘Akin to a religious experience’ – The Australian

Take a spellbinding journey to the far reaches of the galaxy with one of Australia’s most prolific indigenous songwriters Warren H Williams and members of the acclaimed Griffyn Ensemble. Discover western and indigenous astronomy through a synthesis of masterful storytelling, music and short film.

What do the stars mean to you? Where do all we come from, and what will we all become? What is unique about our own Australian sky, and how does it reflect our landscape?

These are some of the thought-provoking questions that inspire audiences as they explore their relationship to the night sky, indigenous culture and the world around us. Enter our world for an evening of mystery and delight and emerge transformed. One Sky, Many Stories, developed in Tennant Creek, sparks conversation, creativity and inspiration long after the final curtain drops.

Appropriate for all ages and curious minds.

More info:

Pictured: One Sky, Many Stories: Barkly Regional Arts

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Circus: Syncope

7 – 9 February @ St George’s Cathedral ·
Presented by Kinetica ·

A pause; a failure of a heart’s action; unconsciousness… From the winners of the 2017 Fringe World Circus Award and nominated for the prestigious 2018 Fringe World Martin Sims Award, Syncope explores the anatomy and physiology of the human body and consciousness through an intriguing cocktail of aerials, acrobatics and performance art. How do we know that we’re awake? How do emotions affect our body? A visceral experience that is as thought-provoking as it is heart-stopping.

This show sold out in 2018, so book now for this unmissable and critically acclaimed event performed within the stunning Gothic architecture of St George’s Cathedral.

More info:

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