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Visual Arts: October/November Exhibitions at Cool Change

26 Oct – 17 Nov @ Cool Change Contemporary ·
Presented by Cool Change Contemporary ·

Presented by Moana Project Space in Gallery 1, Project Space & Hallway, ‘Light as a Feather…’ is an exploration of the continuing cultural influence of the teen witch. The exhibition features the work of Soda_Jerk, Oliver Hull & Celeste Njoo, Lyndon Blue, Jack Caddy, Emma Buswell, Grace Connors, Sabina Maselli, and Eliza Gauger.

In Gallery 2, local artist Carla Adams presents ‘Heft’, an exhibition reflecting on her own identity as “a very fat woman” and how the public sees the fat female body. ‘Maybe it’s the weather’ is a group exhibition in Gallery 3 by Brontë Jones, Natasha Lall and Sophie Durand. The exhibition examines the processes and effects of interpersonal relationships, longing, and the overwhelming desire for love and intimacy.

Opening of Friday 26 October
Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 6pm

More info:
W: coolchange.net.au/exhibitions/
E:  hello@coolchange.net.au

Emma Buswell. ‘WITCH KIT: DIY Devices to assist young teen witches (I Asked the Cosmos for Advice and it Told me to Concentrate and Ask Again)’ (detail), 2017, Textiles, yarn, fake gemstones, found objects, and acrylic.

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