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Visual Arts: Tury Sicari Exhibition

2-8 May @ Kidogo Arthouse Bathers Beach, Fremantle ·
Presented by Tury Sicari ·

Tury Sicari is a Perth-born artist who uses line and space to characterise an Australian manner in his work.  This approach comes from seeing in other countries that sense of place that artists reflect in their work. Tury Sicari developed his sense of space from the large colour field pieces he created in the early 1970s. His line comes from his training in Graphic Design. His approach is surrealistic and he mixes the lyrical with the geometric relying on memory, imagination and spontaneity. There is no doubt he has the European influences of the early twentieth century, but it is clear he wants to keep his focus on what was achieved in Australia, as it developed into the modern.

“My inspiration for art comes from three main sources: love; mystery and surprise. I believe that love is the vital ingredient. Passion is the misslead that everyone seems to believe in. It is really love. Love lasts. It is of the people, the place, the partner, the pain we go through. That is your starting point. Mystery is the wonder of what you can do? The thoughts that scramble your brain as you probe your way through them to find what youre looking for. The surprise is that moment when you see something at the end that you didn’t realise was there.”

The driving force behind his art is that it continues to show that painting on canvas is still an important part of the modern.

Tury’s solo exhibition will be on show at the Kidogo Arthouse May 2-8, with Opening night on 3 May.

More info
W: www.turysicari.com/
E:  millerfuresh@gmail.com

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