• L-R Todd Anderson, Jonas Carnegie in The Beauty Index, Mandurah by Annette Carmichael, photo by Mark Labrow Four men move across a stage with their arms reaching to the left across their bodies and their knees bent. They focus strongly to the right. They are dressed in shades of black and dark grey. Dreams of dancing men

    Dreams of dancing men

    3 May 2021

    In The Beauty Index, choreographer Annette Carmichael offers a future for masculinity that embraces softness as much as strength.

    Reading time • 7 minutesDance
  • Magical and moving

    Magical and moving

    4 March 2020

    In Denmark, Nina Levy cannot help but feel part of the joy of the collective dance performance, Chorus.

    Reading time • 7 minutesDance
  • Reading time • 4 minutesDance
  • L-R Alex Pyke, Alexander Grace, Adrian Baer, The Beauty Index by Annette Carmichael photo by Nic Duncan 278 A manager and a maker

    A manager and a maker

    31 July 2018

    Denmark-based choreographer and creative producer Annette Carmichael has been short-listed, together with collaborator James Gentle, for a prestigious Australian Dance Award. Over a cup of tea,…

    Reading time • 7 minutes
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