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Seesaw Magazine is celebrating its 5th birthday in 2022, and we have launched a very special campaign, inviting you to help us celebrate and join the 100 heARTS for Seesaw.

As the only independent professional arts online publication in Western Australia, Seesaw is a critical part of the state arts sector. Seesaw plays a vital role in filling the big gap in mainstream media arts coverage and promoting the cultural life of our State, engaging, growing and connecting audiences to artists, organisations and beyond.

With your help, we can continue our mission to create an enduring platform for professional arts journalism and ignite conversation about the arts amongst artists, audiences, and the wider community.

Since our inception in July 2017, Seesaw has:

  • Published 2,815 articles, including features and reviews
  • Given paid work to 50+ writers
  • Supported thousands of local artists, productions, exhibitions, festivals and other events
  • Mentored and employed 10 new writers’ voices
  • Grown our readership from 29,000 readers in 2018 to nearly 73,000 in 2021.

We would love your support to celebrate our 5th birthday by making a tax deductible donation to 100 heARTS for Seesaw. We’re aiming to receive 100 donations of $100 (or more!)

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio