Temporary publication pause from 30/09/23


Seesaw Magazine was founded in 2017, in response to declining coverage of Western Australian arts in mainstream media.  After operating as a volunteer-run organisation for over two years, Seesaw Mag incorporated as a not-for-profit at the end of 2019. 

Establishing an independent media platform is always challenging, but it has been particularly difficult to achieve financial stability as a start-up entity during a global pandemic. In spite of financial challenges, readership has averaged an impressive growth rate of 25% a year and the publication is highly respected for providing high quality, professional, independent criticism and coverage. 

A number of stakeholders have supported Seesaw, including government, arts organisations, philanthropists, individual donors and our readers. However, we have been unable to secure ongoing core funding to underpin our operations.

After a comprehensive review, the board has recognised that it is not sustainable to continue operating under our current business model.

Consequently, we will be temporarily pausing publication from 30 September until mid 2024. During this time the staff and board will be actively formulating a new financial model to ensure long term financial sustainability and ongoing delivery of the vital service that we have provided to the West Australian community for the last six years.

This does NOT mean that Seesaw will disappear. Whilst we will not be publishing new content on the Seesaw Magazine website, we will continue to communicate with readers, contributors and stakeholders via our social media platforms and e-newsletters.

This has been a difficult but deeply considered decision. It is disappointing for us as a team and we understand it will impact our readers, artists and supporters – but we believe it is necessary to take this pause to ensure a sustainable long-term future.

We realise that you, our readers, will also be disappointed that we will not be providing coverage of WA’s vibrant arts industry in the coming months, but successive challenges have necessitated this decision.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through this process. 

We have already begun with a staff and governance restructure. Until recently, Seesaw Magazine was led by co-managing editors Rosalind Appleby and Nina Levy. However, since December 2022 Rosalind has been on extended sick leave and Nina has been sole managing editor.

The Seesaw Board has resolved that editorial responsibility should continue to sit with the sole managing editor, Nina Levy. Business, marketing and operations responsibility sits with the business manager, Gabrielle Sullivan. Both positions report directly to the Board.

The Seesaw Magazine team gives heartfelt thanks to departing co-managing editor Rosalind Appleby. As co-managing editor and founding board member, Rosalind played a vital role in enabling Seesaw Magazine to become WA’s premier online arts magazine.  The Board applauds Rosalind for her hard work, passion, mentorship and strategic vision, and acknowledges the respect with which she is regarded by artists, arts organisations and readers.

We’re proud of what we have achieved to date as WA’s premier online arts magazine, and we’re thankful to everyone who has supported us to this point. We look forward to pressing “play” and resuming the quality arts journalism that you have come to expect from Seesaw Magazine.

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