Submit your press release

How to submit your press release to Seesaw Magazine

If you would like to invite Seesaw Magazine to write about you and/or your work, please send your press release to for consideration.

Editorial is planned at the end of each month, a month in advance, so we suggest getting your press release to us 6-8 weeks prior to your show/exhibition opening.

Here is a rough guide of when to get your press release to us for the remainder of 2022:

Show dateRecommended date to submit press release by
July20 May
August20 June
September20 July
October 20 August
November20 September
December20 October

We appreciate that independent artists are not always able to provide a press release this far in advance. If this is the case, please get in touch anyway with as much detail has you have to hand, even if it is just the dates of your show and the name of the artist/s presenting!

Please note that we are a small team with a limited budget and cannot cover everything that is on offer.

You may wish to list your event on Seesaw Magazine – you can do this for free via Localista. Or you may wish to consider advertising on Seesaw.

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio