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Seesaw’s audience: why advertise with us?

By advertising with Seesaw you’ll be aligning your business with WA’s number one most respected and fastest growing arts publication. Seesaw’s audience is constantly growing – in 2019 our readership increased by 65% compared to 2018.

Over the 2020 festival season we averaged 9,000 visitors per month. Between January 1 and December 1 2019, we had around 60,000 visitors. Our newsletter goes out to 1000 arts lovers, with an impressive open rate of over 40% and click rate of 13%.

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We have a range of options for you to choose from:

On the Seesaw website

All prices include GST.

Display BANNER
• Leaderboard (displays at top of all pages): $77/week or $154/month (Festival Rates Jan/Feb: $82.50/week or $209/month)
SPECS: JPEG/GIF files 970 px wide x 90 px high

Display BOX small:
• Bottom of page $55/week or $110/month (Festival Rates Jan/Feb: $66/week or
SPECS: JPEG/GIF files 300 x 300 px

Display BOX large:
• Bottom of homepage or article page: $60.50/week or $132/month (Festival Rates Jan/Feb: $71.50/week or $176/month). 10% discount if booking ad space on both pages.
SPECS: JPEG/GIF files 400 px wide x 630 px wide

Seesaw Q&A – $165*
* Fringe artists only! special price: $82.50

• A Q&A style profile plus photos, to be published in the news and features sections of the website.

• Each Q&A will be approximately 500 words (depending on the length of your answers) and will give you the chance to tell WA arts lovers about yourself and your work.

• Q&A will be conducted by email. You will need to provide at least one landscape photo (but you are welcome to provide multiple photos!)

View example here

In the fortnightly e-newsletter to subscribers

Display BANNER
• Placed underneath editorial: $88
• Placed in the centre of the newsletter: $66
SPECS: JPG/GIF files 600 px wide by 150 px high

Featured event in newsletter: $44/listing
* Festival rates (January/February) are $55/listing
Seesaw features a maximum of four events in its monthly newsletter under the heading ‘SEE coming up’. Copy is taken from your free event listing – you provide a 600×400 pixel image and a url to your preferred destination.

View example of Seesaw e-news

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Ordinary event listings are free. Submit your event here.

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