• A group of string players under the spotlight on a wooden stage, in a darkened auditorium Exquisite and unsettling sounds

    Exquisite and unsettling sounds

    18 March 2021

    A rock star clarinet player and a dystopian modern work were the stand out moments of Cygnus Arioso’s concert, says Tiffany Ha.

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  • people sit in a darkened auditorium looking at a stage. In the centre of the stage sits a clarinettist, cellist and piano player Local legends scale chamber challenge

    Local legends scale chamber challenge

    13 March 2021

    Musica Viva Australia’s first Perth concert for 2021 was notable for the novelty and heft of the programming, the virtuosity of the local players, and the sheer amount of concentrated work which must have gone into its preparation, says Sandra Bowdler.

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  • Lachlan Skipworth It’s time to listen

    It’s time to listen

    9 August 2019

    Becoming a composer often requires a long apprenticeship, but composer Lachlan Skipworth’s career is hitting full stride. The winner of the 2016 Paul Lowin Prize has…

    Reading time • 6 minutes
  • Intercurrent by Olivia Davies Two percussionists perform with a bass clarinet player and pianist in the back ground Musical artefacts

    Musical artefacts

    2 June 2019

    Review: Intercurrent Ensemble, ‘Walkman Antiquarian’ ⋅ UWA Callaway Auditorium, 27 May ⋅ Review by Eduardo Cossio ⋅ Developments in technology brought new performance tools for musicians in the…

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