• Humphrey Bower as Prospero. Photo Daniel J Grant Prospero kneels at the front of the sand covered stage, his staff raised and his head upturned. In the background we can see other characters from the play. Terrific team tackles The Tempest

    Terrific team tackles The Tempest

    25 November 2021

    David Zampatti is no fan of The Tempest. Is Black Swan’s “by popular demand” production going to change his mind?

    Reading time • 6 minutes
  • The cast of 'The Tempest' in action. Centre is Mararo Wangai. Photo: Daniel J Grant. What to SEE: The Tempest
    What to SEE

    What to SEE: The Tempest

    3 November 2021

    Black Swan State Theatre Company is inviting audience members into the dream-like world of Shakespeare’s Tempest, promising an experience from which you won’t want to wake. Nina Levy spoke to director Matt Edgerton to find out more.

    Reading time • 10 minutesTheatre
  • A little puppet man stands on a book, and around him hang stories, tied onto balloons, operated by three people. A special kind of heart-wrenching

    A special kind of heart-wrenching

    2 November 2020

    A compelling cast bring to life one of Barking Gecko Theatre Company’s most popular productions. Rosalind Appleby and junior reviewer Bethany Stopher discuss what makes this show so special.

    Reading time • 8 minutesTheatre
  • Reading time • 4 minutesTheatre
  • Simon Tedeschi The great entertainer

    The great entertainer

    1 October 2018

    Awesome Festival junior review: Simon Tedeschi, Pianist and Prankster · Octagon Theatre, 28 September · Review by Oliver Haluszkiewicz, age 13 · Pianist and Prankster is…

    Reading time • 3 minutesMusic
  • Barber Shop Chronicles A balm for the soul

    A balm for the soul

    12 February 2018

    Perth Festival review: Barber Shop Chronicles, by Inua Ellams · Octagon Theatre, 9 February · Review: Xan Ashbury · Often I enter a hair salon feeling…

    Reading time • 4 minutesPerth Festival
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