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  • Carla Adams, Yearning and Longing, 2022, polyester cord, acrylic eyes, lava stone and glass beads. 32 x 27cm each. Two faces, made of pink coiled cord What to SEE: May gig guide
    What to SEE

    What to SEE: May gig guide

    7 April 2022

    Wondering what to SEE this May? Check out Seesaw Mag’s new gig guide for the hottest tips across theatre, music, dance, visual arts and more!

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  • Netball Scoop
West Coast Fever How to watch ballet

    How to watch ballet

    15 December 2021

    Are you a newbie to the wonderful world of classical ballet? Rita Clarke tells you everything you need to know.

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  • Juan Carlos Osma as Prince Desiré and Alexa Tuzil as Princess Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty. Photo by Bradbury Photography copy A female ballerina in an elaborate tutu is held by a male ballet dancer. He clasps her around her waist and her legs are both airborne, one bents and one extended vertically.Her torso angles downwards, so that her shape is a graceful arc. Too many soft centres in chocolate box ballet

    Too many soft centres in chocolate box ballet

    22 November 2021

    If you have a sweet tooth when it comes to ballet then Javier Torres’s Sleeping Beauty should satisfy, says Kim Balfour. But if you’re looking for reinvention rather than convention, you won’t find it here.

    Reading time • 6 minutesDance
  • Three actors are in costume, a woman dressed as a black cat, a woman in a short colourful dress representing a bird, and a man in red short overalls and yellow cap Still hungry for the wolf

    Still hungry for the wolf

    30 September 2021

    Revisiting an old favourite is always a pleasure for Nina Levy and her young companion, and Peter and the Wolf doesn’t let them down.

    Reading time • 6 minutesDance
  • Oscar Valdes as Henry and the dancers of West Australian Ballet in Coppelia. Photo by Bradbury Photography The footy scene in Coppelia shows a group of men posing in old-fashioned black and white footy uniforms, with women in 19th century dresses looking on. In the background the sky is a luminous violet, as though the sun has just set. Fantasy, fun and footy in Aussie Coppelia

    Fantasy, fun and footy in Aussie Coppelia

    20 September 2021

    With the first ever WA-based AFL Grand Final almost upon us, the timing couldn’t be better for a ballet that references the much-loved game. But that’s not the only reason West Australian Ballet’s Coppelia is a people pleaser, writes Nina Levy.

    Reading time • 6 minutesDance

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio