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A girl floats through the air, her flowing white skirt billowing behind Launching bravely into 2021

Launching bravely into 2021

27 November 2020

Nobody knows what 2021 will hold but as Western Australia’s major arts organisations launch their programmes for next year David Zampatti discovers a mix of bravery and caution that bodes well for our artists and their audiences.

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Ballet dancers in toy costumes line up under an enormous Christmas tree Magical winter wonderland

Magical winter wonderland

24 November 2020

Junior reviewer Saskia Haluszkiewicz describes the immersive experience of being swept up into Clara’s world in the Nutcracker.

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The dancers of West Australian Ballet in The Nutcracker (2020). Photo by Bradbury Photography copy The stage is filled with dancers clad in pink tutus, standing in a pose. They all face towards the Sugar Plum Fairy and Sugar Prince who are centre stage, dressed in sparkling gold costumes. Behind them is Drosselmeyer and Clara. Still sparkling in season three

Still sparkling in season three

22 November 2020

West Australian Ballet’s Nutcracker is on its third outing but it managed to win over an unwilling attendee, admits Nina Levy.

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Juan Carlos Osma and Mayume Noguromi in Le Corsaire pas de deux for GALA. Photo by Bradbury Photography Gala promises to be a people pleaser

Gala promises to be a people pleaser

20 November 2020

With a snappy program that is paced to suit our social media shaped attention spans, West Australian Ballet’s ‘Gala’ is designed for popular appeal, writes Nina Levy.

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A man in a vibrant blue shirt sits backstage on a storage container Behind the scenes at the ballet: A conversation with Aurelien Scannella

Behind the scenes at the ballet: A conversation with Aurelien Scannella

21 October 2020

The winter season of the Seesaw Lounge is being released as a podcast series. In this first interview West Australian Ballet’s Artistic Director Aurelien Scanella offers fascinating insights into the company’s artistic machinations in his conversation with Nina Levy.

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'Dracula' WA Ballet Production 2018 - 4th September 2018 / Photography © Jon Green 2018 - All Rights Reserved Dracula Dark and dangerous

Dark and dangerous

9 September 2018

Review: West Australian Ballet, Dracula (co-production with Qld Ballet) ·
His Majesty’s Theatre, 6 September ·
Review by Amy Wiseman ·

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio