a group of musicians cluster around a harpsichord, wearing jeans and black shirts with a crowd looking on Pint-sized orchestra delivers a good brew

Pint-sized orchestra delivers a good brew

31 October 2020

Large orchestral works in traditional concert halls might be out of the question but Sandra Bowdler discovers Bach in a brewery, thanks to the small and creative Australian Baroque ensemble.

Reading time • 4 minutesMusic
a group of 10 musicians with stringed instruments stand against a white background Have baroque, will travel

Have baroque, will travel

26 October 2020

Performing in a brewery and private homes is one way a local baroque ensemble is finding fresh and new audiences. Ara Jansen talks to Australian Baroque to find out if they go together well.

Reading time • 7 minutesMusic
children sit on cushions watching six musicians and a narrator tell a story Baroque splendour makes a fun adventure

Baroque splendour makes a fun adventure

30 September 2020

What do birds, ancient music and children have in common? Rosalind Appleby and junior reviewer Isabel Greentree find out in this resplendent AWESOME Festival show.

Reading time • 6 minutesMusic
Jenny Simpson Awesome insights

Awesome insights

3 September 2020

Jenny Simpson has launched the 2020 Awesome Festival during COVID-19 and it feels a bit like jumping out of an aeroplane. In this podcast Rosalind Appleby talks with the festival’s CEO and artistic director about the challenges and delights of planning the program.

Reading time • 2 minutesMulti-arts
A boy leapfrogs over a girl, they are dressed in gumnut caps and baggy knicker-bocker shorts Awesome news for festival

Awesome news for festival

2 September 2020

WA’s first major festival since COVID-19 kicks off this month, and it’s all about the kids. Rosalind Appleby talks to Awesome Festival’s Jenny Simpson.

Reading time • 6 minutesMulti-arts
Purrfect delight

Purrfect delight

1 February 2020

Tiffany Ha discovers kittens are the perfect antidote to the sometimes stifling formality of Baroque concerts.

Reading time • 4 minutesFringe World Festival
Reading time • 1 minute
Reading time • 1 minute

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio